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    It does feel good to be back here

    Tough people go through tough times. There is a saying that Tough times do not last, but tough people do. This happened to me as well. The first challenge was the conducting of my daughter's marriage, under severe conditions. Somehow, by God's grace, it went on well. Furthermore, there was this shock of losing some close friends due to Covid-19. Though I was sick a few times, I escaped from Covid-19, thanks to the two vaccinations.

    And then I did come across some good family members who suggested that I go back to doing some rituals, as mandated by the community to which I belong. I did that and am still doing it. It was also suggested that I start wearing ear-rings in both my ears, similar to what the Tamil pundits and temple priests do, I did this with some reluctance, but found that to be very useful. It did make my mind calm and I have now started to realize that inner peace can play a great deal of difference in the tough times.

    All that I want to ask is to find out from Rao Sir and others, whether wearing the earrings is now becoming so common? I do find many people going back to the old times. Is this a good way, as we sometimes tend to forget our roots. Undertaking long journeys has been tough, though.

    Hope everyone is okay. This Covid-19 menace is still around and I do hope to be able to contribute in the same old fashion. And get back to writing articles.
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    Welcome back, ABSivakumar. I am happy to see you back in action in ISC. You were one of the top contributors here especially in article section. It is always a matter of great pleasure for all of us when a member returns back after a gap and rekindles our old memories of association. I wish and hope that you will be contributing with same zeal and vigour during this phase as you were doing in your earlier one.
    As regards your query for wearing the ear rings, that is a difficult subject but as I know in many communities and societies there are many such things which might look illogical on the first instance but when people undertake them then they feel a lot of difference in their mindset and thinking process and that is the reason why these things get popular over the time. Whether it is something psychological or some divine power that only the scholars can decipher but one can have them if one feels happy about it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Nice to have Mr. ABS back on the ISC circuit. Very pleased to note that you are wearing ear rings for some benefit. Ear piercing is done for all irrespective of male of female. I would say that it is essential for females to enhance their beauty by ornaments. I would also recommend to you that you should stop cutting your head hair and beard, and let it grow long. Then start maintaining your hair like the ladies. That's what nature.

    Actually, according to me, ears and nose are the permanent storage place for little gold as security that cannot be stolen easily.

    No life without Sun

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    A B Sivakumar, nice to see you back in action here. Glad to hear that your daughter's marriage went off well. Hope you will soon resume your contributions to different sections. And, on a lighter note, hope the earrings will help you maintain cool while interpreting political developments. All the best!
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Glad to see him back here. I am not active on the site due to time constraints but I still read discussions and responses of the people here. I always wish to devote some time here on the site.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Mr, AB Shivakumar, nice to see you again in this platform and hope you would contribute regularly as we have witnessed in the past. Your contributions in the different sections carried valuable informations which provided us to learn a host of valuable resources and your contributions has been appreciated equally by all the members. You reappearance will certainly benefit the entire members.
    The cause as indicated by you is a social function of wearing a ear rings and the same ceremony is celebrated in your society with a great fervour. Hope this will provide you some sort of mental stimulation with the observance of this social reutal.

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    Happy to see you back. In fact, I was thinking about you in between sometimes but I thought you are busy. Congratulations on becoming a father in law. Please convey my best wishes to the newly wedded couple. I wish them a happy and prosperous married life.
    Many people think that wearing earrings is for enhancing looks. No doubt earrings may enhance the looks. In addition to that, there are some other health benefits also. The ear lobes are having the meridian point. This point will connect the right and left hemispheres of the brain. If Piercing is done at that point, it will activate the mentioned parts of the brain. It will help in the development of the brain. Acupressure experts always mention that the ear piercing will improve the health of the ear also.
    These days we are seeing many people going for this. In our family, it is customary to perform ear piercings on boys also at the time of naming the kid.

    always confident

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    Thanks a lot to all. Rao Sir, I do not wear the ear-rings all the time. Yes. It does help me to concentrate better. Am also told that it is connected to accupuncture. But I do not know anything about it. Some elders in family circles after sixty are seriously asking me to wear it all the time. I have not yet decided on this.

    Anyway, the pandemic menace has taken away so many lives. Many familes are very poor. The Tamil Nadu Govt has a scheme of taking care of children orphaned by Covid. Hope other States have it too

    Hopefully, we should all be back to normal after a while.

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