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    Feeling proud of my close friend’s daughter, principal of a world school and national award winner.

    Feeling proud of my close friend's daughter, principal of a world school and national award winner.
    Dear all,
    This being an education portal, It won't be wrong if I start writing about a person who has contributed her best for education.
    She is my friend's daughter. When she was school going , our family stayed together by sharing a quarter in Visakhapatnam and Goa for many years. Basically, she is a qualified pharmacist . Later she became a Kindergarten teacher and raised to be a principal of a world school (Mohindra World school) in Mumbai. She is the youngest women principal (at the age of 34) of a world school.
    She is the recipient of two National awards in the field of education. She is honoured to be the national winner of NILE(National Institute for Leaders in Education), and received Indias's largest and most comprehensive Education Award with a prize of Rs. 10 Lakh.
    She has done a lot in the field of education. To name a few…
    1.She has introduced invigilator free examinations
    2.Appointed a visually challenged teacher.
    3. Introduced school without bell
    Now she has authored a book titled " Meet the humanistic leader in you".
    I am extremely proud of Dr. Nirmala Krishnan. I could have written more in detail, but ending with this brief information. All teachers should feel proud of her achievement.
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    It is very good to know about a teacher who committed herself to the field of education. Winning awards at the National level speaks about the quality and commitment of her towards the field of education. My appreciation to her for her contributions to the field of education.
    We may be seeing many teachers. But good and committed teachers are very rare these days. All teachers should learn from Dr Nirmala Krishnan and should contribute their best for their profession. I thank the author for making all of us know about such a good teacher.

    always confident

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    We feel good when someone in our close relationship or friendship rises in a job and reaches to a high position and gets national awards as mentioned by the author. We also join the author in congratulating the principal who is doing good work in her line of interest and also congratulations to her on getting these coveted awards.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It has become rare to get to read such positive news about people. Thanks, SuN, for introducing such a person.

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    Nice to know, It is a really matter of great pleasure that your friend's daughter has been awarded such a good award, this is really a proud moment.

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    In these days it has become rare to come across such people who are exemplery in their own field but baffled others. We are also feeling proud about the achievement of Dr Nirmala Krishnan, the youngest principal of World school who has been bestowed with NILE and also winning the most comprehensive national award. What I was most touched with the introduction of invigilator free exam, visually impaired person as teacher, and no school bell. These are amazingly new way and thoughts which came from her mind and that specifies she is a speacial person in many students life. It always gives pleasure for us if someone near and dear to us has made formidable progress in their own way and I understand how the author has been feeling the greatness of this achievment. Please convey my greetings and regards to her for the achievments.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It's positive news, and it is natural to be happy about someone you know so dearly. A teacher who is devoted to her profession needs to be applauded which she rightly received. May she reach many more heights in her career!

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