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    What are your favourite books

    What are your favourite text books till now.
    Mine is R S Agarwal for maths, H C verma for physics, R K Kanodia for Gate ECE.

    Edit: 20/9/2021 Thanx for suggestion Saji Ganesh.

    Well I have read others text books too like Indian polity by Laksmikant, NCERT books etc. I added some of my books just for the background. Its been long since my school and college.
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    Although I am a science student I have read a polity book of Lakshmikant, this is a nice book in which detail included about complete Indian polity, apart from that as author mention RS Agarwal for math, I must say this is also a good book that I used for practice during one of my competitive exams.

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    There are many text books as well as guide books available in the market for various streams and disciplines. I can suggest some of these based on their popularity and recommendations made by the teachers and educationists -
    1. For HSC level for the Physics subject book by H. C. Verma or by S. L. Arora or by S. K. Singh are a good choice.
    2. NCERT books are also quite useful for the HSC board exams.
    3. For Chemistry, book by Pradeep as well as by O. P. Tandon can be referred.
    4. For Mathematics book by R. S. Aggarwal as well as by M. L. Khanna and also by R. D. Sharma can be used.
    5. For Biology book by B. P. Pandey and also by Pradeep are a good choice.
    6. There are some books which are more popular from entrance exam point of view especially like JEE etc. Some books in this category are Physics by D. C. Pandey, Chemistry by R. C. Mukherjee, Mathematics by R. D. Sharma etc.

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    There are plenty of books available in the market in the different streams helping the students to have clear concepts in the streams they have chosen. I do recall up my old days when in almost all the subjects, the books were not available in plenty of the different writers but with the change of time, you can have quality of books in the different subjects. There are certain books in the science streams which can strengthen their concepts.
    Physics - In Physics written by Sri H.C. Verma is certainly an excellent book. The writer has taken pain to write the different chapters in such a way that the aspirants will have the clarity of the chapters.
    2) The aspirants should go through the text books at the first instance so as to have clear concepts of the syllabus prescribed.
    3) In Mathematics, the books written by both Sri R.D . Sharma and Sri R.S. Aggarwal are equally good. Sri M.L. Sharma has written the chapters on Mathematics so clearly that the aspirants can refer to this book for both their regular examination of class twelve and for engineering entrance.
    4) Chemistry- The book written by Sri O.P. Tandon is quite helpful.
    For engineering competition, the book written by R.C . Mukherjee in Chemistry is quite helpful. For Physics, aspirants can refer to the book written by Sri D. C. Pandey.

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    My favourite books in Physics are.
    1. Concepts of Physics (Volume-1 and Volume-2) by H C Verma
    2. New Simplified Physics: (2 Volumes) by Dhanpat Rai
    3. NCERT Class 12 physics Text Book
    My favourite books for Mathematics are
    1. Mathematics: Textbook for CBSE Class 12 Dr V.K. Gupta
    2. Senior Secondary Mathematics for Class 12 Examination R.S. Aggarwal
    3. CBSE Mathematics Chapter-wise solved papers 2019-2010 for Class 12. Arihant Experts
    My favourite books for chemistry are
    1. Pradeep's New Course Chemistry for Class 12. S.C. Kheterpal, S.N. Dhawan, P.N. Kapil
    2. Concise Inorganic Chemistry J. D. Lee
    3. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R.C. Mukherjee
    My favourite books for Biology are
    1. Biology: S Chand Publishing BP Pandey

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    My favourite book these days is
    Upendir singh 's book Ancient history known by the name "A history of Ancient and Medieval India from the stone age to 12th century, It does seem a little complicated in the beginning because of its extensive research-based work and language but once you get the hang of it, Its really interesting to know a lot about ancient history and literature.

    Another one is Sekhar Bandyopadhyay's "From Plassey to Partition and After" which discuss the history after1857 in detail and extensively and also presents the point of view of many historians and authors of modern History.

    And lastly, I like the book called "early social formations" by Amar farooqui which is a very good book for anyone studying history and know the world.

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    There are others too. I liked them but didn't found the time to go in depth.
    Foe ex
    Morrison Boyd Organic Chemistry
    O P Tondon Inorganic chemistry.
    M L Khanna JEE Maths.
    Morris Mano Digital logic and computer design.
    Jacob Millman Integrated Electronics
    Simmon Haykins Communication system etc.

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    Again, in this thread, you are asking about textbooks. When members have done different courses, what is the point in asking about favourite textbooks? It would be logical if the question is put to a group consisting of members who have completed the same course. I hope you got my point. That is why I suggested you go through a few of the earlier threads so that you get an idea.

    Another important point is that you must never post copied content.

    Sorry for the deviation but I posted these points here so that the author does not miss the suggestion.

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    Very recently, my friend's daughter Dr. Nirmala Krishnan has published a book titled "Meet the humanistic Leader in You". It contains 156 pages with 50 chapters. An excellent must read book for teachers and students.
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    I got a book as prize in my company in quiz titled The Other 99% You Can Dare To Lead by Debashis Chatterjee. Not many pages but good read.

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    my favourite book is "forty rule of love" by Elif shafk

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