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    Cooperation is the basic element for the success of a group activity

    When a task is done by a group of persons then each and every member of the group will be important and everyone's contribution is also equally important. Cooperation between the group members is the basic element for group success and is vital for group dynamics. Even if a single person is not cooperative then it can spoil the whole show. It is the responsibility of the group leader to keep a track of contributions of the group members as well as their mutual cooperation and team spirit. Please share your experience in this regard.
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    Group activity is a way to get the works done fast. A task requires many skills and a single person can't have all the required skills. So if there are different people in a group with different skills, the group will be able to do the task without depending on the third person. So the constitution of the group is also important. If all the members are of the same skill set, the result may not be as expected. There will be a difference of opinion on the same subject as the experts are from the same line. The group leader's role is very important. He should not be biased and should encourage all the people equally and there should not be any favouritism. If he is not an able leader the whole work will become a waste and the team may fail in its attempts. I know many leaders who tried to help the people who are not doing good at the cost of hard-working members which failed. Because of such leaders, many organisations suffered and lost many able persons. So group work will be good only if the leader is good and an able person.
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    What the author has said can be seen and even experienced by us when we go through the fields where during the sowing season the farms workers would sing song and sow the small plants in tandem and that would be a great view to watch and learn the cooperation of group activities. Even in politics the leader who is representing as the MLA need to seek coordination and cooperation from the rank and file of his party and followers ward wise and that would bring in inclusive results in whole constituency. So we have to create our own base as to who are our liker and followers and accordingly our popularity also goes through the same. And for seeking cooperation of top order, everything should be channeled in such a way that inclusive participating of all is must and that would facilitate the time bound results and performance.
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    Cooperation among the members of a group is always essential because the focus should be on the completion of the activity successfully and not on individual success. How much the work has progressed and what needs to be done after the completion of each step has to be discussed regularly within the group. Here, the contribution of each member is a must since there are a lot of verticals in a project and one must coordinate with the other as all the verticals are interrelated. A non-cooperative member will hamper the regular output and can also dampen the spirit among the other members. The task of the group leader is always crucial as the group leader is the one who has to make important decisions and face the higher-ups in the company as well as the customer to discuss the outcome.

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