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    Will Priyanka Gandhi be able to capture UP in the next assembly elections?

    AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi is all set to become the Congress's chief ministerial candidate in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. Uttar Pradesh will go to the polls next year. The BJP came to power with a landslide victory in the 2017 elections. The BJP swept 312 of the 403 assembly constituencies. The Samajwadi Party won 47 seats and the BSP 19 seats, while the Congress got only 7 seats.

    Will Priyanka Gandhi be able to overthrow Yogi Adityanath and capture UP in the next elections?
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    Being quite away from UP , I cannot have a first hand ground reality experience in this regard. Unfortunately whatever news I get to know from media are all biased one way or other. Hence I am not confident to give a right prediction. So I rely on my logic and analysis sifting through the inputs I get from the various media to present my view.

    Unless there is some very stirring factor, Indian election results are a result of 'electoral mathematics". It is a complex combination of caste, religion and many other underground factors and mostly devoid of ration and deep thinking. If a combination of various parties and splinters is stitched up and if such a combination has a common candidate against BJP/NDA, then they are sure to win. Congress and most other non-BJP parties will try to come to some understanding to save themselves from debacle. They may try to exploit the Muslim votes in their favour and against BJP. This used to be the scenario till now.

    But this time around,from what I can sense, a good percentage of Muslims have seen through the 'vote-bank political plays' and do not harbour such opposition to BJP as it was earlier. This is more among Muslim women. So there won't be a big favourable sentiment from women to Priyanka(a woman leader) as expected by Congress.

    Though there can be some anti-incumbency towards Yogi government, it has not come to that level where people yearn for a change. Those who really want development have started experiencing development happening in UP faster and better than many other states. The Covid management, law and order situation and overall peaceful atmosphere gets him a favourable tilt.

    But politics like certain place weather can take a sudden change and then situation can change. But as of now, unless the BJP/NDA side do not put same side goals, it will be advantage Yogi and Priyanka may not be able to dent this much.

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    Forecasting the result of any election is a very difficult thing and people speculate it as per their perception and the ongoing political situations. If we see from common man's point of view than in UP definitely there is improvement in administration and governance so from that angle many people will like to vote to BJP only in the coming elections. But there are many people who are still thinking that there are other parties who can do better than BJP in UP and as they have royalties associated with those parties they may go only for their favourite party irrespective of what BJP has done in UP. The voters in India are divided based on religion, caste, creed, and financial aspects and in such a situation the outcome of election is always a speculative matter.
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    After the instability that is being seen in the politics of the states for the last several years in the country, it can be a bit difficult to make any predictions because the message is still being made on who will win this election. Both the parties promote themselves with their own efforts. BJP has also created an image in the minds of many citizens, which is not so easy to remove, but in the last few times there have been some incidents where the public is angry and maybe could be a reason to winning congress.

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    In the coming scenario of UP Election, it is rather difficult to predict which party would be ultimately successful in the formation of a stable government. There are different parties active in the UP such as Samajwadi Party led by Akhilesh Yadav, BSP by Mayawati, Congress and BJP. The election is likely to held in the last week of February or in the first week of March next year. Hence for all the parties, there is enough time to woo the voters. Sri Yogi Adityanath is known for honesty and integrity and in the present situation, he fits the BJP Party crowning the post of chief minister. However there could be stiff competition among the opponents to attract the voters in their favour. Favourable development of a party can be known only a month before the election campaign.

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    Nobody can predict the mind of the voter so early. I know some instances where the situation is changed overnight and an unexpected candidate won the elections in our constituency. So anything can happen. But based on the present situation I feel it is very difficult for Congress to win majority seats in the Uttar Pradesh States.
    BJP led NDA government in Centre and State are going strong. So chances for them are bright in the State. Overall the view about the present Chief Minister of the state is very good and people are ready to vote for him I think.
    Another issue is Congress is not trying to come up strongly to face the situation. The party is not able to select the president who will be able to lead the party successfully. They should start working for making their party strong and should take up some actions to win the confidence of the people. They should also try to go for seat adjustments with friendly parties.
    Priyanka so far not made any strong mark in the politics except as the daughter of Rajiv Gandhi. She should improve herself and then only should try to take on leaders like Yogi, I feel.

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    I do not think Priyanka Gandhi can able to break the ice and become the next CM of UP as for BJP it would gather all its might and energy to retain the power as the Yogi government proved to be good and going with no complaints pouring in and just because of some media working in favor of Congress, hue and cry of same as been made now and then. In fact BJP is eying 350 seats this time and that would be great big leap from the earlier lead of 312 seats. For Congress it cannot fight on alone and needs the partner party, and at present there is no party which is extending open support to Congress because they feel that instead of capturing the UP and Congress may even rupture the chances of other parties getting few seats. By the way what Congress has done for the state of UP when they are in power and when they represent the constituencies.
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