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    Railways have learned to reach the destination fast. Keep it up

    I had been to Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu for three days trip on urgent matter and would like to place the word of appreciation for efficiently operating the Railways in time , even before time. The scheduled arrival at Chengalpattu was 8.26 am and train reached at 8 am itself. Likewise the return train was supposed to arrive at Secunderabad Junction at 4.45 am, it reached at 4.10 am itself. Normally the these trains gets delayed in the past and now the Railways efficiency in maintaining the timing has become the Guinness record for the common man because many a times we missed the connecting trains for want of maintaining the right time.
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    Without giving any credit to the ruling regime we can observe ourselves that there has been a lot of improvement in the railway department in the recent times. Whether it is due to the measures taken by the government or it is railway's internal revamping mechanism the change is very perceptible. There is lot of emphasis on cleanliness on the railway platforms in the recent times and in some of the places the railway platforms are now looking like an airport as regards to up keeping and orderliness. There has also been a lot to improvement in running of the trains and their reaching the places in schedule time. If the railways are running properly and do the work efficiently than government may also not go for its privatisation. The question of privatization only comes when a government department or PSU does not work efficiently. let us wish and hope that railway becomes a benchmark department for other government organisations.
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    When I was about to get down, I had to alert many passengers for having reached the destination. Surely Paisa vasool sevice by Railways.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Yes. There is an improvement in the functioning of railways. Even though I have not travelled recently on a train but I heard through people who travelled on a train.
    Last month when I was at my native place, my cousin from Chennai came there. He came by a special train and got down at Rajahmundry railway station. I have sent my vehicle to collect him. Ther train came well in advance and he has to wait in the station for my vehicle as my driver started thinking that the train will come in time. He was also mentioning to me about the performance of the railways department.
    Because of this pandemic railways suffered a lot and the losses are very high. They should try all the ways to see that passengers will use the trains for maximum for their travel so that they will gain back the money.

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    It is good to know that a big department of our country is conducting its work properly. There was a time when the arrival of trains late or leaving the station late seemed to be a common thing and people had become habitual for it, but gradually there is a lot of improvement in this system and the expectations of the public are also good now. A large number of population of the country normally travels through trains and the improvement in this way will surely help passengers.

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    This is all due to the number of trains being operated isfar less than the full capacity. When the tracks are free, the trains reach their destinations in time.
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    I understand special trains are operated by private contracts as coaches have been named.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    It is rather surprising that indian railways is on right track- that trains are arriving before scheduled time. Most probably it is due to privatisation of railways ?

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    A few of the comments remind me of a class lecture wherein the teacher shows the class a glass having half-filled with water and we are experienced enough to calculate the perception of those students who instantly began to shout, "the glass is half empty".

    I thank the author for bringing out the positive aspects of governance. This has certainly improved than what we used to evident during earlier times. I am mentioning so because I have this as the only means to travel to my native place in Katni, MP and then back to Delhi.

    The current central government has been through tough times because of Covid as the commercial activities are still not completely functional. We have two choices here whether continue to criticize the government and set up a negative perspective or to accept the positive around us and appreciate and at the same time ponder on what further we can make contributions to improve this. For sure I would opt for the second one.

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    I don't agree that it is only a recent happening. I recall years ago reaching the Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station on a few occasions quite early and even picture in my mind sitting on top of my luggage, patiently waiting for a relative to pick me up. I have also travelled south and reached on the dot or a few minutes early. I think KVRR has a point about fewer trains on some of the routes. Yes, that can be considered a possibility. It is also possible that one or two stations on the route are no longer stopping destinations, and the train passes through. K Mohan could check if this was the case on his trip.

    Since a member brought up the hygiene aspect- What has definitely improved is the cleanliness at railway stations (not all trains had clean coaches though and washrooms have continued to be smelly). The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan definitely seems to have struck the right chords. After its launch, I remember that in every station where I got off, whether Goa, Karnataka, or Gujarat, there was not even a piece of paper to be seen on any of the platforms. People everywhere were making a conscious effort to keep public spaces clean, not just the railway staff, but also the public were actually using the dustbins correctly for dry and wet waste.

    Ved Prakash- there is nothing wrong in criticizing, considering a possible reason, or bringing up both sides of the coin rather than putting on blinkers and looking only for the rosy picture in front, ignoring what is in the periphery. For sure I would opt to have a good sight at all angles.

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    The trains were stopping at the all the designated places as I was tracking through where's my train app and that was either on time or the train stopped at the outer signal.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    K Mohan,

    I am not referring to your journey, but am asking about the regular route. Every train has had a regular route for many years with specific stopping points, and sometimes one may be added or one may be removed. Hence, I would like to know if the route was exactly the same as it has been prior to the current pandemic scenario. Just thinking out of the box and considering some possibilities.

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    The routes were exactly same and the train was stopping as it was doing earlier. The speed is more now.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks for the update. Yes, we do have really fast passenger trains on many routes and the Indian Railways had mentioned increasing the number of trains that would run faster.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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