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    Why do some people always oppose governments reform policies

    Forecasting the result of any election is a very difficult thing and people speculate it as per their perception and the ongoing political situations. If we see from common man's point of view than in UP definitely there is improvement in administration and governance so from that angle many people will like to vote to BJP only in the coming elections. But there are many people who are still thinking that there are other parties who can do better than BJP in UP and as they have royalties associated with those parties they may go only for their favourite party irrespective of what BJP has done in UP. The voters in India are divided based on religion, caste, creed, and financial aspects and in such a situation the outcome of election is always a speculative matter.
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    That is the state of politics in our country. There are only a few people who will think and vote for development and no corruption party. It is a fact that in the Central government of today, corruption is less at least at the top levels. There are no scams and no manipulations. But still, people will not be ready to support the party all out. There are people who will see other issues and they may feel that the present government is a failure. That is where the problems start.
    Political affiliations are very strong and some people try to support the party of their affiliation in spite of its failure. The development or other works done by the government will not be considered by them and they will try to find faults. Here they may be having their own points to explain.
    In addition to the above, in our country, many other factors are there which will be given more importance than development and reform policies. This will go on.

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    When the people blindly follow a party and its leader, they would take light of misgivings and misadventures and still gives hopes and trust even though in reality the situation is otherwise and not as it thought. So they would not care for good things being done by the present govt as they would find fault even in good things. For example when I talked about efficiency of railways in maintaining good cleanliness and punctuality, one passenger told me that there is no surprise element at all as it is the duty of the railways to do so, I just got annoyed with that passenger who failed to agree with the good and improved policies. Nevertheless, this govt has been doing some great thinks silently and though they would not appreciate, but the benefits would be enjoyed for sure and that is shameless attitude of such people.
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    Can anyone answer why some people smoke despite warnings and messages mentioned on its packet? The answer is they like to smoke and some will say it's their habit. Now when we talk about people we cannot expect everyone to behave in the same way. Some act out of compulsions, some act after thinking progressively, others just follow what the rest is doing. This is applicable everywhere and we can find people greasing the palms of higherups for some benefit. In a democratic country, people should vote according to the developmental work done by the government and if one is performing well then there is a chance of returning to power. In our country, the entire process of election and the choice of candidates depend on caste, creed and religion as rightly mentioned in the thread and that makes it more complex. When these things take the centre stage political parties focus more on these issues than development. If the majority of the people in UP think there is a development they will vote for the BJP. If another party promise something more then people will vote for that party because everyone elects a candidate based on some expectations. This is not opposing reform policies of the government rather, making a choice based on expectations and motivations by the campaigners which influence the voters a lot. A large section of people votes for a party based on how they remain influenced by the party and not merely what a party has done. Every political party is aware of it and make strategies accordingly.

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    People generally oppose reforms in govt. policies for the following reasons.
    1. It is natural human reaction to resist change, as they are afraid of disturbance to their safe comfort zone.
    2. People oppose change when they are not fully aware of the improvements and benefits.
    3. People oppose changes when they find that that change does not bring any benefit to them or it brings some loss or difficulty to them.
    4. With regard to political parties, they oppose anything if they are in the opposition benches.
    5. Vested interests make large scale campaign for their own selfish or vested interests and vulnerable, gullible people may fall for their high voltage campaigns.

    Regarding the UP context mentioned in the thread, I invite your attention to my response in this thread

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    I am not able to relate the content of the thread with the topic of the thread.
    If we talk about government policies, we know that they changed from time to time, and when it comes to acceptance of the public there are different views from different people. People who may be benefitted from old policies will definitely oppose new ones because they found their loss in the new policy. Apart from those people who do not like to adopt changes again and again, so opposition from them is also natural. But what I believe is that changes in policies are a need of the developing country and it should be appreciated. The content of the thread is about the UP election and my response to this matter is always mentioned in another thread.

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    I sincerely apologize for mistakenly mixing up of this forum Post with some response made by me elsewhere. Basically what I wanted to convey here was that even if the government does some good things where there is no doubt about their usefulness for the general public and society even then some people always opposite it.
    Sankalan and Venkiteswaran have already responded well to that so the discussion has well proceeded but some members found inconsistency between the title and the content and for that I have submitted this piece of apology.

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    The author should have been specific about the reforms for which some people were against it. People will have their own reasons for opposing or supporting a reform. Modiji opposed many reforms by the then government. Once he came to power, he implemented them as a first priority. GST, FDI are just two examples.
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    To my understanding, this is mainly because below of two reasons,
    1. Ideology and
    2. Ignorance.

    The reforms are opposed because these tend to be opposed since few are narrowly attached with their ideologies and this is due to being ignorant of what mishap this can turn out to be. The below link is one of its kind which for sure is manipulated on facts and misleading too. This will give an instance of raising an objection for the sake of objection or else the author must be experienced enough to differentiate that if he is allowed to put his thoughts on the ISC site does not mean this has been sold out to him.

    What is this hasty way of selling government organizations for the purpose of raising money?

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    One of the main reforms that Govt is contemplating is through digitisation of records of all sorts even the land records and trying to have the transactions online in a transparent manner. Now if this happens then surely some people who have earned money through dubious means will not be happy as their transactions will be caught and seen with all the doubts. So, there are definitely personal reasons as why some people would not like such reforms. But once they are caught with their wrong earnings then they might also get punished for it and their properties might get sealed and confiscated by the Govt. So, my point is that there are many people who will oppose the Govt for bringing honesty and transparency in the system. That will not be a good situation as regards to the development and progress of the country.
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    The land records are already digitalised in Andhra Pradesh. I think it must be the case elsewhere in the country also. All the transactions with regard to land dealings are done online only. Digitalisation is a time taking process and does not happen all of a sudden. The public is not averse to the digitalisation process. In the Technical Education Department of Andhra Pradesh, digitalisation was started some fifteen years back and almost all the correspondence is online only. Honesty and transparency are what everyone wants on all sides.
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