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    Take risk in life and enjoy the wonderful outcome

    Our life should be different from others and the way we lead the life in front should be the hall mark for others who must get awestruck not with our mere performance but having taken the life eventualities as risk and came out unscathed. Here taking risk doe not mean do something not required at all, but attempting something which is unique and yet convincingly different for others and thereby leaving a stamp of approval over our performance. Without taking risk, the rusk of life cannot be tasted for sure, and this the secret of many successful persons.
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    That is true. One should take a risk to grow in their life. But the risk should be within our range and we should have the capability of withstanding the effect of negative results if any, because of the risk we have taken. That is why we should take a calculated risk only.
    When we save our savings also when we take risks and go for investments in some risky propositions, we should see that all our savings will get evaporated. Only a part of our savings can be kept in such areas, This is true in all the matters of our life.
    When we take a risk and come out of that successfully, people will appreciate you. But when you are in a problem because of the risk you have taken nobody will come to your rescue and question our decision and criticise us in many ways.

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    Even in investing in stocks and share always comes with risk factor.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is an old saying that - no risk no gain. But taking a blind risk is also not a good thing. It could be a disastrous thing in one's life if one goes for that. Risk is to be taken but it has to be done in a calculated manner. All the pros and cons of the outcome are to be foreseen and speculated before taking a risk. Only then the risk would be properly mitigated through the process of gaining from it. I remember an incident about 25 years back she there was a wave of investing in wind power and people started to buy the stocks of wind power companies which increased their prices beyond imagination and then something happened in the share market that crashed it and all the shares came down heavily. After that big scam incident though the good companies again rose back to their earlier levels but all other like wind energy, aquaculture, food technology etc remained in the low ebb only and today some of those companies are not existing there in the market. So, going with the crowd is also a big risk taking thing and one has to think twice before taking any such step which is taken by mimicking others and not by prudence and homework.
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    When a child learns to walk, it is his steps and he gets up every time he is afraid, even after falling many times, he takes the risk of taking the next step, and eventually, he learns to walk. From this, we can learn that we do not move from our place until we take risks. If the child is also afraid of taking risks, then he will not learn to walk, taking risks does not mean that you put your entire capital at any risk and then keep assuring yourself to take the risk. Risk refers to the ability to move forward while learning something new and knowing the art of moving oneself on the path of growth over time.

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    If you want to make progress in your life, you have to take certain risks to gain. The effect may be otherwise but thinking of adverse outcome, it is not proper to leave the task for good. One thing is important, you should be familiar with all the parameters of that work and its performance for a couple of years before venturing into that work. If armoured with all the basics so as to get the success, the chances of gaining multiples.
    Taking risks multiplies with the progression of ageing and in that sense a man having worked in a line for considerable period would have more risk appetite than a novice worker.

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