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    It makes more sense to think before you speak.

    It is said that spoken words cannot be taken back and that is why we should think before speaking anything. But we have found some people and they are more talkative and cannot pay attention to their own words while speaking. Sometimes through others, sometimes we feel that perhaps we have spoken too much which we should not have said, and then feel remorse in ourselves. After speaking, thinking about it, you will neither be able to explain it to the person in front nor yourself. In some cases, speaking less or not speaking also proves to be right, so the best way is what our elders teach us to understand something first, consider it, and only then speak to in front of someone.
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    That is true. Think before you talk about something. Once you uttered a word it will not come back. Even though you say sorry and show your regrets also, the word will not come back and it might have done the damage by that time. That is why one should think before they speak. Some people use very strong words and they never think about the impact of the same on the other person. Some people, especially people in power or in big positions think that they can talk any way they like and they can use any word they want. The other person may not be able to do anything and as such he may accept and oblige. But when a definite chance comes, they will try to take revenge on the other person. Today you may be in a powerful position. But tomorrow the situation may change and you may be in the receiving end also. So always we should think and speak very carefully. Lose talk may end up with difficulties and solving them may be very difficult. But the person who received from you a mouthful will be always cursing you and maybe waiting for a chance.
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    Yes, we should mind our words while talking to others. We must ensure that the words spoken should not hurt anyone else. This is not impossible if right words are used applying our intelligence. Hence it is really true conversation is an art and we can be a good master in conversation if a little care is employed. This is not applicable to the talkative people since they can go to any length while talking to others. They can hurt the sentiments of the people in both the ways knowingly or unknowingly. Once the words are spelt and listeners are hurt. They become extremely sorry for this but it may not patch up the strained relationship.

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    What ever we utter becomes the evidence for others and they keep on rewinding the same if has hurt them and that is the reason being so we have to be guarded in saying anything and must think twice before uttering. Mostly the problems comes those who are exponent in talking and they keep on saying something and that would lead them to trouble for sure. And those who are highly regarded they need to talk with sense and their word taken as granted. If the elders are present in the house, they would run a tutorial on how to speak and how to speak what in front of others and that would be remembered even if we become elders. Anyway we are alone responsible for what ever comes out of our mouth and later they cannot be amended or addendum be made. Therefore we have to be more careful in dealing with others.
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    It is said that we have to weigh our tongue before we speak. This is definitely a good advisory and people who want to keep their reputation and respect intact in the society and among other people must adhere to this basic doctrine. Speaking without thinking and speaking irrelevant are the sure recipe for disaster. If there is a doubt that whatever we speak will not be fruitful and will not generate the required effect then it's better to keep quiet. Wise and knowledgeable people always think before speaking and that is the reason they are so successful in the public and social life. We do some homework before doing any job or task and similarly before speaking also we have to think and ponder about what we are going to speak.
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