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    Imagine a situation if coal is unextractable?

    Coal has been major source of raw materials for power production and in fact those countries including India cannot able to have coal extraction of its own and depending on imported coals. Most of the coal mines were deep excavated in India and now the experts warn that in near future coal may not be available at all. Just imagine such a situation wherein we have to heavily depend on Hydro power. solar power, wind power, gas power and Nuclear power. Whereas India is the traditional user of Thermal power and coal shortage would spell doom.
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    India is still using coal as a major source of fuel especially in the villages, or remote places, or in industries. We are using coal in a very large quantity for production of thermal electrical energy also. We all know that coal is the conventional source of energy and will not last long but new sources of energy are also coming in a big way to serve the human race and one of the promising one is electrical energy through the use of battery driven cars, scooters, etc. Once the new sources are available in a big way then possibly the decrease in the production of coal will be compensated to a good extent.
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    Extracting coal from far off places add to the cost and that is not feasible.
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    There are still many coal mines in India. Coal India Limited, Singareni collieries are the two major mining organisations engaged in the coal extraction. As far as my knowledge goes there are mines which are to be mined further and they will continue for some more years without any problem.
    Earlier coal is being used as a fuel in trains also and I remember seeing coal-driven train engines in olden days. Now there are no such trains and the majority of trains are using electrical power only as fuel. This is how we develop new ways and means. Now solar power, wind power and hydropower are available. So slowly coal usage will come down even in power generation also. Already there is a decrease in usage. Similarly, all industries are trying to use oil-fired boilers instead of coal-fired boilers for steam generation. Some industries are using electric power to generate steam for their use. Like this, over a period of time, new processes and alternatives will be developed for the existing technologies.

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    Coal is an important and essential fuel and its proper use is very essential. When we talk about the presence of coal, we know that coal is found in large quantities in different places in the country or the world, but when we talk about its quality, we understand that there are four types of coal. Out of which bituminous, anthracite, etc. are its types, but not every type of coal is of advanced quality and some quantities are proved to be unusable. Useful and high-quality coal should be modified in such a way that it can be used in a sustainable manner.

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