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    Small or big emotional expressions both are equally important

    Emotional expressions can be either small or big, but both represent sweetness. The tragedy is usually people remember all the mega ways of demonstrating emotions while the small ones get forgotten after some time. I am very fond of or become thrilled by someone's positive feelings, but for me, expression of any quantum has equal importance. A loving statement has equal significance as a costly gift would have for me.

    What's your take on it? I believe life is not about flaunting hi-fi things, but it can be a small adorable gesture. Life is all about genuine sweetness and caring, and if someone exhibits one's love with loving expressions instead of giving expensive things, then it is in no way less or a useless thing. The receiver must have the heart to feel the goodness of any level of emotional expression and be thankful for it. Undermining any small emotional expression is hurtful behaviour towards the person who reflects it. Thus, everyone needs to be humble enough to accept different levels of emotion. What do you say?
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    The author has raised a thought provoking post and I also feel that we should respect the feelings of a person rather than his show off or materialistic expressions. Unfortunately, in this world many people believe in show off and mimic the manners and gestures of other people especially the celebrities and rich ones. By doing that they feel that they also belong to their clan. But the fact is that they are making a fool of themselves by copying the ways of others which has no meaning at all. Some people by their talks want to impress others by describing financial or materialistic achievements or connections but all this does not make sense unless one has the real feeling of togetherness and proximity in ones company. Even a small emotional expression can be more important and much impressive than the big show off carried by some influential personality or person at high position.
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    I agree and that depends on the person to whom it is expressed. There is an appropriate line mentioned in the thread that I am quoting. "The receiver must have the heart to feel the goodness of any level of emotional expression and be thankful for it." Now, if the receiver thinks the other way and recognises only the show-offs then many expressions can go unnoticed. A large section of the people likes to exhibit and recognizes others who exhibit. To them, a precious material as a gift may be more appreciable than a few nice words. We prefer everyone to be kind and humble but cannot expect everyone to be like that only. If people are materialistic, emotions do not have much value to them. To them, life is all about personal gains and revolve around their own choices. They hardly care about the choices of others. In such cases, people cannot easily accept the choices of others.

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    The author has a genuine attitude,that is why she feels positive about small emotional gestures.
    Though personally I concur with the author, the practical world may not take it that way.
    Many people are impressed by verbose and external enlarged gestures and expressions. Most people do not understand or appreciate subtle ,but sincere gestures. Most people can understand and resonate to only overt and expressive display of emotions and sentiments. Many times it is also related to material gifts too.

    So one should be aware of the mental make up and attitude of the receiver and accordingly show the emotions and sentiments. It should be made in such a way that our real sincerity and intention is clearly understood by the receiver.

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    Emotions are the natural outcome of our reactions to many happenings and issues that we confront over the course of life and that cannot be measured in small or big ways. What ever we express on the face is observed and remembered by the opposite person and that tells them what we are up to. For that matter one need not present us with gift to know how they care and how much they love. Giving gifts and attracting others towards them is one more way of breaking your attention on their overtures. Let the life be genuine, with good many things that can be expressed in the most simplest way and yet more comfortable to understand and agree. The person whom we meet should welcome us from his heart and that is enough and all the material things what others give us are immaterial as those things may destroy one day or the other for sure.
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    A very nice thread has been presented by the author. Emotions are just feelings and can be judged only by the person for whom those feelings have arisen. Small or big is not really a parameter to understand the feeling, even if big feelings are artificial, they have no value, on the other hand, a feeling in which even a small amount of respect or love is contained but because there is truth in it so He is more valuable. When we are happy with anything, feelings cannot be hidden, whereas displeasure also comes in the form of emotion.

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    I like a person who asks how are you when I am suffering rather than a person who sends fruits with a note wishing my speedy recovery through a courier. A sweet and genuine good morning every day in the morning is more valuable than any other gift. The wishes that come from the heart are more wanted than artificial show-offs.

    This world recognises and encourages people who are hi-fi and show off. They think that they will also get recognition if they do that. Today's world appears to be different. People who are rich and powerful will be admired more than genuine people.

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    May be someone drops in your residence with the bundle of different fruits wishing you speedy recovery. The way he talks showing his supremacy may distract you. There is a feeling of his boss like attitude but being his subordinate, he has made his presence. To that extent it is alright, he may talk at length regarding the progress of work in the premises and your absence from the working spot is making him slightly anxious towards completion. How could you feel in that situation? You might not have felt his human touch though he paid a visit to know your whereabouts. On the other hand, you may like your friend having brought nothing but is asking your health conditions.

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    I used to appreciate the cook of the marriage halls when I felt their food preparation is above satisfactory, I wantonly go to them after dinner or lunch even in the marriages/receptions organized by friends or distant relatives, attended by me. When I arranged cooking for my brother's marriage reception, I felt the preparation of payasam and rasam was so super, by appreciating this I told him and paid him without any bargaining. Since then whenever I attended the functions of our relatives where the same cook was fixed, I was cared for by him with a special cup of rasam and payasam.

    Once I took my brother's daughter to a nearby hill temple and when we took our lunch in a hotel, she enjoyed the food of that hotel, so directly she went to the cash counter and told that the food prepared in that hotel was very good to taste. I believed she got this habit by seeing my habit without my knowledge.

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    Word of good expression or small gestures would be hugely remembered by us. When we get upper berth and when other passenger voluntarily agreeing to spare their lower berth is something a very good small gesture to which we the elders are very much pleased.
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    It seems I have touched everyone's heart with the particular thread. I believe in genuineness, and a sweet little expression can please someone at any point in time. Everyone cannot afford to express emotion through costly gifts, but that's not a necessity. A warm feeling is enough to bind a relationship. Let us all believe in a sincere expression of emotion, and that can be either a smile, a caring attitude or a beautiful gift item. I love to pamper my loved ones, and it can be through my loving statements or, at times, giving gifts of their choice. I even consider my scolding for my loved ones' betterment to be an emotional expression. The point is we need to be genuine in whatever we do.

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