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    Gaslighting insult-the abuse spread through general reference

    Some people around us does not have the guts to tell our weakness or behavior on our face but would generalize their unhappiness through the gaslighting insult approach. That means when the abuse was so general, it also affects us one way or the other and thus they get satisfied for having conveyed their dissent voice. When we light the gas, it spread to all pores immediately and we also get alerted to what the others point out indirectly. It is always good to say on our face for incorporating immediate corrections of our behavior rather using the above method.
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    Sometime some people know about our weaknesses and other shortcomings might not tell us about them because they know that everyone knows about it and what is the use of telling it to the person when the whole society and people around know about them. Correcting someone is required only in the initial stages when that correction is really useful and the reputation and other respects for that person can be restored. When the water has already flown above the head then there is no use of pointing out somebody's weaknesses.
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    Sometimes when we directly say this is your weakness, the other person may not receive it properly. He may feel insulted and he may get offended. So sometimes telling indirectly or conveying the message to him in some or another way may be better. When there ate 10 people if we talk generally, it will be understood by the person who has that weakness. Many people try to act diplomatically and try to convince the matter.
    But when it comes to the professional front a boss will never mind calling you and tell you your weakness. When he tells the same privately one may not feel bad. But if he tells the same in a group or presence of others it may be taken differently.
    Whatever may be the way you are trying to convey, it will be good if the other end receives it properly and try to rectify their weakness. Otherwise, all your efforts will be futile only.

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