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    What is your energy booster?

    We don't always feel the same and sometimes we feel over-energized or sometimes weak or hopeless. Although there can be different reasons behind it, we should be able to manage our energy so that we keep ourselves energetic based on the demand of the time. We often find people fully revitalized and fresh in the morning and maybe throughout the day. If we pay attention, we will find that there is an energy booster for everyone. It can be anything, any eatables, drinks, an electronic device, a conversation, exercise, gardening, reading a book, music or anything of that sort. Does everyone know their energy booster? What is it that boosts your energy or helps you to maintain your energy level?

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    The energy booster for everybody is money. If there is some money is involved people will get the energy to get ready actively to complete the work. Once we have money we can purchase something in which we are really interested. If you want somebody to do a job he will ask you how much you will pay me.
    When children are not doing some particular work if we offer them a bar of chocolate or a sweet they may complete the work fast. So the thought of obtaining a bar of chocolate will give them the energy required. I feel one will have the energy to do the work but they feel lazy and may not complete the work. But if something tempting is there their laziness will go and they will become active.
    I think the mentors will try to boost our energy by explaining to us the benefits we will get if we successfully complete the work on time.

    always confident

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    For everyone some thing or the other gives the pep to work immediately and instantly. For me a cup of Instant coffee would do wonders and that should be strong and hot. As I sip the coffee the though process goes searching for new ideas and matters and thus the energy gets boosted when I get the clue. Even a single word is enough to make a content out of it. Yesterday I came across the words Lender engineering, which means those who facilitate arranging loans from the banks. That is very encouraging words and also looks new and someone tells the same we get curiosity about the same but the matter is arranging the bank loan. Here what I mean that we try to bring in new words and phrases in daily life and that is nothing but energy booster for our work. One thing is sure we are not for routines but expect a change or break.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    This is a very interesting thread posted by the author. It is true that everyone has some energy booster or the source of motivation which removes lethargy from our lives and prepares us to be ready to fight in the real practical world. Different people are inspired and motivated by different things. Some only work when there is good renumeration while others work because they enjoy working. Some escape from work and work situations while some are work alcoholics. My energy booster is when I get satisfied with my work myself before showing it to others or submitting it to higher authorities. Another booster for me is when someone corrects me and tells me my mistakes. It makes me truly very active and till I rectify that I do not sit peacefully. The last thing that I want to add a booster is when I learn a new thing I get really excited that now onwards I would be easily doing that also. If energy boosters are not there our lives would become very dull and inactive.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Earlier I used to claim confidently that rest, for me, was moving from one task to another.

    Really, it used to be so. When I felt a bit tired or bored doing a certain task, I used to pause and attend another task. It may need getting up from my seat and going to another corner or another table and chair in the same office. It may be making a few phone calls, taking a cup of coffee or tea, or even just a chat with another colleague, glancing through the pages of a newspaper or magazine. Very soon I would be back in my energetic mood.

    A cup of hot coffee or listening to good music, or humming some old songs are my ever true energy boosters.
    While in Mumbai, just watching the crowd boarding and alighting local trains used to be a sure shot remedy to remove 'down-feeling' and get fully re-energised.

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    This thread is a really interesting post by the author. We may be bored with our monotonous jobs and there is something at least to boost our energy. For many of us, money coming from any source can provide us sufficient energy. However, this may not be applicable to all, many people are motivated if they have their wish-fulfillment which was pending for a long. Apart from money factors, there are some people who would be more interested to have their fame in the profession they are doing. For the kids, they would remain more motivated if they get a new set of dresses all of sudden from their known relatives. They will take up their assignments immediately if we promise them some articles in which they were interested in a long time.

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    Nice to know about your energy boosters, response of Dr. Rao is also commendable that he mentioned work, where we boost our energy towards the work while, got explanations or complements from our mentor.

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