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    Increasing drug addiction among young children of poor families.

    When we watch today's movies or serials, many times drug addiction is shown in a common form among the youth but it is shown more in the younger generations of rich households. But in reality, the situation is worse than this, not only rich people but also children of many poor families are found in the grip of drugs. People also spend a huge amount on drugs, but by making some intoxicants available at a low cost, little innocent children are made victims of it. Some poor children also get addicted to items like polythene or tires. This is a painful and sad incident that is spreading like an epidemic in society today. Strict steps should be taken in this direction, otherwise, a large youth of the country or the world may fall into this drug addiction.
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    I heard in some cities to transfer these drugs from one place to another place some people are using poor young people and they offer some good amount for this activity. These young persons may be doing that as they are in need of money. Once they know the material that they are transporting they may be also trying to have some and thus getting addicted.
    I have seen many school-going children from poor families consuming tobacco. Their parents ask them to bring tobacco from shops and while bringing they will take a little from that and start smoking. That is how they will get habituated to tobacco. Once they get accustomed to such drugs, it is very difficult for them to come out of them.
    The authorities should see that the supply of these drugs in society is reduced by taking severe actions on the people who are supplying illegally. There are some companies that are manufacturing these drugs illegally. The authorities should act tough.

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    Drug addiction is the biggest menace in the present day world and not only the poor but many affluent people are also addicted to it. The drug mafia and under ground drug smugglers take drug from one place to another and supply it to the people who desire to consume them. This has become a very big business as the margins are also very high. These people work in a gang very clandestinely and even for the government agencies it is a herculean job to nab them and punish them. There are some influential and other people in high positions who also unfortunately take these drugs and due to this association they many times protect these culprits for getting arrested or booked. It is a very fearful and difficult situation that we are not able to stop this drug menace and our younger generation is getting totally spoilt and they are of no use for the society or the government today or in the future.
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    Drug addiction among young children is not only increasing in poor families but the velocity is high in rich and moderate families also. The pity is more if the addiction is in the case of poor families as the parents depend solely on the children. The main reason for this drug addiction is carelessness from the side of parents. Both rich and poor are neglecting their children's daily activities either due to no time or fatigue over the poverty. In those days parents though busy in their schedule they spare some time to children by playing or just talking with them. Parents or house persons in those days, though busy in their work, they put an eye on them without or with their knowledge. Nowadays the situation becomes worse from the side of parents and other family members are hidden by the name of 'nuclear family'. Totally everybody forgets the future of youngsters as they are the future rulers of our country.

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    It is the fact that drug addicts among the poor are being caught just because they have been exposed to this menace by the rude friends who know that once introduced, they would become habituated during the course of time and that way the menace has been spread among the youth and the poor being offered for free and they get attracted to drugs easily. Though the law enforcing agencies are nabbing the wrong persons and drug peddlers, so many things are happenings which goes unnoticed. It is known fact that Punjab has become the most menace state for drugs and even movies have been produced to show the bad things happening there. The parents need to be vigil and after their children as to what they are doing, where are they going and whom they are meeting. When the rich children were caught, they say it is forced on them and try to escape the law, but the poor cannot defend and gets punishment instantly.
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