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    Science can mimic the nature but cannot replace it

    There has been phenomenal scientific and technological advancement in the world in recent times and more and more new insights into finding new things is going on and is relentlessly being pursued by the scholars and scientists. Science is making new inventions and technology is making new gadgets and new facilities for the convenience of the human beings. In doing so scientists are learning many things from the way the nature works and from the mysteries of nature which unfold time to time in front of us. In many cases science is simply mimicking the nature and making the things for the benefit of mankind. Some people have a wrong notion that science will be all powerful and will be able to do everything in the future and nature will be ignored. Actually nature is very powerful and very mighty. We can mimic it but we cannot replace it. What do you think about it?
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    What has to be understood here that both science and nature compensate with each other but we cannot replace it altogether. When we can live with the natural air but we close the windows due to the hindrance of mosquitoes and other insects entering inside and thus take the help of science to operate the fan or Air conditioner for that matter. Here we are forcing the nature to do its duty, and when the power goes off, we try to open the same windows for the natural air to come inside. But this time the nature also plays truant as the sultry atmosphere would make us fume. Likewise we construct dams to store the water for future, and the copious rains would force us to let the excess water for sure. This is one more example of taming the nature and failing altogether. And those who learned to live with nature are blessed and benefitted.
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    Science is trying to understand nature by studying various aspects of nature. But there is no end to this study because nature is infinite. Understanding nature completely is a very difficult proposition. When we don't understand fully we can't create it.
    Definitely, there is good progress made by scientists and technological experts in their pursuit and trying to make the lives of human beings happy by inventing new gadgets. In this process, they may be doing some harm to nature. One should understand that science is not powerful than nature. Nature proved it many times and it may prove in the coming days again and again.
    Let us try to be nature friendly and use the benefits that are coming from nature to us and let us not destroy the ecological balance of the universe. That will be good for the coming generations.

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    I m sorry I delayed my response, unknowingly I missed this thread. The author is absolutely right, there is no doubt on the progress of science, but the author has said the truth that the invention of science cannot take the place of nature or natural sources. We can see a big glimpse of this in the second wave of Corona that came last few months ago. Where no one could replace the natural oxygen. We are all moving in the direction of progress and development, but real development will be considered only when we progress with nature, which we also call sustainable development in a word.

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    Two of the things that I dislike is, first, cloning of animals, and, second, trying to create a new species with cross-breeding. Isn't it unethical?
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    Vandana, you have raised an important observation here that in the name of new findings and innovations, science is used the wrong wrong way and I am also against the cloning of animals and creating a new specie. This is totally against the nature because every thing which is living in this world is created by the God and by over riding the same the human beings are proving over smart and that would gives rise to further complications in their own inventions. The transformation is necessary but not at the cost of inventions which is not having over all acceptance from the public and society.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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