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    Why global majors does not have models to compete our Maruti ?

    India has been the good market for low priced and low maintenance cars and many foreign brands tried to capture the Indian buyers thought but could not compete. First it was General Motors which failed in its endeavor and now Ford, which cannot get into the taste and affordability of Indian car customers. Therefore Maruti has been in fore front of Indian customers and choose to continue the preferred brand. What may be the reasons for global car manufacturers failure to capture Indian market, is that their pricing, after sales service or not suitable to our roads ?
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    Maruti cars are very affordable when compared to other cars. Many Indian buyers are middle class or above middle class who can't spend a very high amount for a car. That is the main reason foreign cars are not being sold much in number in our country. The fuel consumption is also less in these cars when compared to foreign cars. The built-in safety features may be less in the cars manufactured by Maruti when compared to foreign cars.
    Another important point is service centres. Maruti showrooms are many and service centres are also many. Spare parts availability is also very easy and when we purchase foreign cars getting spare parts is very difficult. The maintenance of the cars require less money and the cars are more suitable for our Indian roads. Generally, Indians prefer hatchback cars and Maruti is producing many models of hatchback cars that are very affordable and well suited for heavy city traffic.

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    The automobile industry is working at cut throat competition and margins are low. They are basically earning by after sales services and selling of original parts and accessories. Maruti had done a commendable job by the mass production of its common man friendly car that is Maruti 800 and I remember when people got its first lot at a price less than Rs 50000 then there was a hue and cry in the middle class households that everyone would go for a car. Due to the inflation and other reasons Maruti could not sustain the price at such a low level and its price went on increasing but it was still low with respect to many competitors who wanted to have a share of Indian automobile market. Even the Tata nano car could not sustain the low prices and soon the cost of much hyped nano car increased tremendously.
    Another positive thing which I would like to appreciate about Maruti was that it started to provide a very satisfactory after sales service to its customers including insurance and other facilities and that is why it became so popular and the outside companies could not defeat it.

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