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    Can critics be wrong with their observations ?

    Whether it is personal matter, review on the product, review on the services, be it critical appraisal of a book or movie, there are people who are ready to degrade anything without thinking twice that their irrelevant criticism would have lasting effect on the persons, products, services and even the book or movies. Criticism should be constructive and should define the alternate way of approach or suggestion if any, but merely criticizing and expressing displeasure is something not acceptable to the learned people and the world.
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    Criticism is the better way to offer an opportunity to the person concerned to improve his performance. This will work if there is a personal talk between the mentor and the performer. No third person should be involved in such a session. This process would not hurt the performer and it will certainly work in the enrichment of his job. However, criticising openly before the public would spoil the game plan. There could have been a strained relationship between the subordinate and the boss.
    Hence boss should ensure that criticism should be positive helping the performer to enhance his efficiency and it should not be in the form of back biting which could result in a negative effect.

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    Criticism is not just appreciating something. Appreciating the positives of the work and mentioning the shortcomings in the work only will make the criticism complete. But criticism should not be biased. It should be done irrespective of the person who did it. See by subject and try to find out the issues and come out frankly with your opinion. That will make the criticism perfect without any issues.
    Even in our offices when something wrong happens. the question asked is who did it and the action will be based on the person who is responsible for the event. That is not a way to be followed.
    We should welcome constructive criticism from all. We should take all the comments made by the person as a way for us to improve and try to improve by understanding the points raised by the other person. One should not get hurt by the negative points made by others.

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    Criticism is also a matter of objectivity and subjectivity. So there is always possibility of variation in inference and interpretation due to subjectivity.

    Moreover sometimes there can be a tint of bias in this way or that way, especially when the author or creator or performer is known to the critic.

    However the ideal situation is when the critical evaluation is done based on certain norms and evaluation parameters. Then the criticism will serve its purpose.

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    Critics are like that only abd they will criticize to bring out the shortcomings and deficiencies in anything. Sometimes even if something is done perfectly, critics will find that it could had been done in a better way and that the beauty of critics that they are always there doing such things around us. The only advantage of critics is that sometimes they point out certain things which we also feel that we should had taken care and it becomes useful for our future efforts. In such cases critics work as good advisors.
    A wise person will never bother about the critics and will take it just sportingly and in its normal spirit. Once the true intention of the critic is known to us then we can always decide to take his points casually or seriously.

    Knowledge is power.

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