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    New to place, no knowledge of language nor anybody known

    Sometimes we are forced to visit a place, which is unknown, nor have any knowledge of the local language, or anybody is known to us there. In that situation, it is very difficult to live in a new place because people would doubt about credence, why we came there, what is the reason and why we are alone. And getting a rented place for the individual without family is very difficult and no one is ready to part with even a single room. Imagine someone from NE wants to settle down in the South, not habituated to the food, people, and climate, and yet wants to settle?
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    We are living in a very big country where there are different places, different cultures, different people, different languages, and different customs. for searching in seeking a job it so happens that we sometimes have to leave our place and go to a form of place where everything is new for us. As a human being we have to survive even in the most odd situations so even in that new place and situation we have to search ways to live and continue our stay there. Human beings have a great power of accommodation and adjustment with the unknown and new things and that is which helps humans to win in every situation.
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    A good thread initiated by the author. Some difficulties may be faced at the initial stage, but with time and experience, it is included in human nature to adjust to new places. As the author gave the example of going from North India to South India, the same happened with my brother, when he went to Bangalore for his job, he had some problems initially for some days, but more in relation to language. There was no problem because English is also used a lot in normal colloquial speech. As far as food and drink are concerned, he got a little upset in this matter and then adjusted accordingly. Although now people of different cultures are found in all the states of India, still we should know the art of making rapport with the local residents, these days due to private jobs people have live other states and this is a good signal that we keep learning to adjust in a different culture.

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    Necessity is the mother of invention. This is a very famous saying we all know. We are seeing many people going even to African countries and settling there. So when there is no option everybody will try to survive in the given situation. We see many people migrating from South India to North East for jobs.

    Generally, people are good and accommodative in nature with new people in the office. When some new person is joining in the office, his / her colleagues will try to help them and see that they settle well there and get adjusted. They will try to help the newcomers in searching for a house for them and try to introduce all the new areas in the city so that they will get accustomed to the new environment. Initially, there may be some problem for the newcomers but over a period of time they will get new friends and they will understand the local people better and will have a normal life.

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    I had faced a very different situation . That was soon after I had joined in my new job . I was in my twenties. We were provided with employee quarters in an exclusive township. One day we friends went on exploratory trip to the nearby coastal village. We found a tea shop and sat there for taking tea. The shop was run by a Keralite and as two among us were rom Kerala, we started a conversation with him. But soon we found that he was not at ease in talking with us. Instead he was asking a lot of personal questions to us.

    It was only after a few visits later that we knew the real reason for his discomfort. At first he doubted us as from customs/CID etc. He also had doubt whether we are there for some illegal matters. The base for that was there used to be some unwelcome activities. So he was advised to keep an eye on all strangers coming there.
    At that time we did not know the seriousness of the matter, but now when I recall it in the light of things reported in media I am happy that we returned harmless.

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    We are thinking so, but it is not like that. We have transferred an employee from UP branch to Tirunelveli as it was routine in our company as the best services of the employee utilized in needy places. But our service manager was against this view and told that he, that employee would resign the job as he could not manage in Tirunelveli as his language, food practice are different, But the employee joined in the Service Branch well. After a month's time as my routine of visiting branches as Personnel Officer, I went to Tirunelveli Branch and asked the Branch in charge,after my routine work was over, that how the performance of the boy from UP. Before his reply the boy himself came there and came to me by saying 'good morning,sir' by identifying me. I casually asked how was his life in Tirunelveli. He replied me, "Sir, I took all materials from Kanpur and living well in Tirunelveli by taking a rental house here. I am well here with my wife and child.Please do visit my house, it is nearby only in this same street." I remembered the phrase' Manamirunthaal margam". If our effort is good we will get everything well.

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