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    A long time gap in career reduces confidence.

    Getting a job is both a need and a desire of almost every person and we make every effort to get a job. It is very important for any fresher to maintain confidence during the job interview as experienced candidates will be more confident in this matter. Job experience automatically boosts confidence. But experience also may suffer a setback when a long gap comes in your job or career. An experienced person also appears like a fresher after a long gap, only age can be the difference. In such a situation, what should be done to keep oneself confident while using their experiences in the right way? Your opinion is important in this matter.
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    We should be in touch with the field of our work even though we are not in a job. Actually, it is better to continue in the job till we get another job. But sometimes it may happen that we may come out of the existing job without getting another due to various reasons. In such instances, we should try and join in any other job immediately so that there will not be any gap between the two jobs. If we are not getting we should try to learn some new skills related to our field and get a job using the experience and the new skills. The chances will enhance if you get more expertise by getting new skills.
    Trying to know the technological updates in our field and try to understand them is one of the best ways to utilise the gap between two jobs. STudying books and interacting with our earlier colleagues and understand the changes is very desirable.

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    Nice thread from the author. For that matter when we give lots of gap to any work, we fail to sync with the reality of the same and try to drift away from the requirements of the task and expectations and thus seen as the failure person in others eyes. That is why it is always desirable and good to continue with the job even though it was not fetching and then switch to new job which can give more cushion of confidence, hiked salary, and above all the work satisfaction. For the experience and confidence sake we need to continue the present job though unwilling to work with low salary. One thing is sure, for the company which has employed you, want to take out best out of you and even the fresher period is precious for them as they are training you to become the full skilled employee and that need to be respected for sure.
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    A gap in job or career is definitely a setback for a person. It is very difficult to cope up with such a situation even by the wise and patient persons. Still there are some ways to mitigate the situation and prepare for the future which would be bright and rosy if commensurate efforts are done during the gap period. Some of the options are to join some short or medium term courses related to once core area or the areas which are expected to be important in the coming times for making a career in getting a job. Considering one of the various IT and computer related trainings is also a good option. Even acquiring some skills which can help in doing the job in better way is also a good idea.
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