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    What are the factors you look for in selecting a good school for your kid?

    We are all in a world of competition and the fittest only will survive. As parents, we are all interested in giving good education to our kids so that they can be front runners.

    Our hunt for a good school starts as our kid attains the age of 2 years. We discuss with our known connections and we will visit different schools before zeroing on a school for our kid.

    We will look for the facilities available in the school, old history, strengths of the faculty, fee structure, parent-teacher interaction and extra circular activities etc. Anyhow, we all will see the convenience for our child to reach the school. Among the points discussed above, I feel the strengths of the faculty is to be given the highest importance. Even though the facilities in the school are excellent, if there is no good teacher who can guide the kids properly, there may not be much use.

    What are your views on this?
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    When our son was to start schooling, the first point we gave importance was proximity. So we put him in a school which was near to our home and office. In the morning my wife use to take him to his school on her way to office. In the evening a known lady would take him from his school and keep him at her house( near the school) till my wife came and brought him home. Once he grew a little older he would reach home by himself after leaving school in the evening.
    All other parameters were second to the proximity factor.

    On moving to Mumbai, the schools there had already reopened for new academic year. So we put him in the school where he was given admission after an entrance test. Other schools refused citing no vacancy. Fortunately it was blessing in disguise, as the bus facility and security was excellent. Only the parents, displaying their photo identity badges given by school were permitted to visit the student and the student was sent out, in case of genuine need, only with one of the parents after convincing the reason and identity. Even when they were brought back by school bus, the accompanying staff ensured that only authorised and regular person was there to take back the child. Each student id badge displayed the route and bus number and was allowed to board only that bus. If any change is made due to some reason, parents will be pre-informed. Such was the importance given for safety and security in that school.

    The other facilities, discipline, parent-teacher-student interaction, communication-all were very good.

    Parents were given proper feedback and communication about the child's progress and general behaviour and progress. Another good thing I found in that school was that the teachers ensured the students got proper nutritious food especially the breakfast/snacks during recess. They used to verify the snack boxes/ breakfast/lunch boxes and if they find just some junk foods only they used to make parents aware about need for proper nutrition and sufficient food. Senior students were given responsibility to watch the younger students and report if anything adverse is noticed,including health issues and behavioural issues. The parents were called for discussion and remedial action. They used to conduct periodical health checkups also.

    In spite of all these the fees was quite reasonable and affordable. There was no donation too.

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    The main factors what we have to see before admitting our kids into any schools are many and to be given right thought. That the school must have the reputation of past good academic records. That the school must be nearer to the home so that the commuting should not be the problem for the child. That the school should be in the good books of present parents and they must give good credit scores. That the teachers must be cordial and not rude and this is most important. That the school must have all facilities for the overall development of the child and lastly the school must have the inclusive happiness of the child who must feel at home in the school and not get scared for the behavior of the child or the other rude co students. These are the important points to which one must give credence.
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    There are so many schools available nowadays that it is very difficult to select one from that for our kids. Still as per our individual liking and interest we have to select a few of them before taking a final decision in the matter for deciding the final one. My preference in this matter is that if the school is near then that is the biggest advantage. Then it should have a clean environment and it should inculcate good manners and traits in the kids. I would also consider high fees also as a deterrent because paying a high fee sometimes does not guarantee a good school.
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    According to me, school education for kids nowadays has become so commercial. Many Schools are exploiting the expectations of parents and thereby schools are draining money from parents. Most of the parents without knowing this fact, by borrowing from others they met out the school education expenses. They, first of all, should realize their own status and capacity as well the capacity of understanding in children. Some governments also do not concentrate the needy things in children for improving their education. Many children are not familiar with language alphabets, schools are not caring about making the children write, read well in the languages first. The children should be taught alphabets, maths tables in the primary levels best to read and write by asking them to write the alphabets, words, tables etc., repeatedly till they are familiar. But in may primary school levels the students are loaded with different books and notes in languages and subjects. Parents simply got overwhelmed by seeing the volume of books and facilities provided by the schools but without knowing whether their children understood the subjects or not.
    Above all, the parents should understand that the schools are not best if collect hefty fees and provide amenities and extra curriculum.
    For all this, the schools should be selected on the basis of:
    1. Nearness to the house
    2. Collect nominal fees
    3. Teachers and school authorities are contactable

    Besides the above, the parents should spare time with children by not leaving them with mere schools responsibility on the children.

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    For any parents, the first important thing is education for their children, and for this, they apply their almost every effort to get admitted their children in the best school as per their budget. The most important factors should be the education system and the human values while selecting a school for their children. Education will help them to get a good career and a successful life, at the same time human values help them to be a good human and build a good society. Some schools offer the best way to build your child but also sometimes increase fees unnecessary so it's up to you how to choose the best school.

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    While selecting the schools, parents should ensure the proximity of the schools from their residence. They should also see how the students are performing in the final examination. Better results can be achieved through the complete involvement of the teachers to make the students competent enough in understanding the basics. They should not be guided with the hefty fees being charged by the school administration. There are schools run by some societies such as St. Xavier's, DPS etc which can impart quality education at reasonable costs where as there are other institutions charging heavily in the name education but you will be frustrated later on. Hence the parents should ensure multiple parameters prior to selection of a right school.

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