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    Do not be scared of silence, it gives space for new thoughts

    We may be talkative, outgoing and mingling with many on a daily basis but these are energy-wasting ways. So sometimes we need to keep quiet. By keeping silent, we give lots of space to our thinking process and new thoughts emerge. That is the reason why elders used to ask the children to study in the wee hours of early morning when the atmosphere is silent, tranquil and most suitable for those who want to assimilate what they study and write. So practice being silent for few hours a day for our own good and betterment.

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    A good suggestion from the author. Our silence will make others also think sometimes. When somebody is shouting at you and if you keep silent after some time the other person will stop shouting and start thinking why we are so calm. Actually, when you maintain silence and simply hear others, your mind will concentrate on hearing and you can understand the points well and better than other people. When others are making sounds also if you can keep silent, others will lose energy and they can't distract you from your thinking process.
    Keeping silent is different from a silent atmosphere. When the atmosphere is quiet, your mind will be active and you can concentrate on your work. Then the results will be better. People who speak less will have more efficiency in executing the works and they may be more successful. Some people talk more and they can not show their capabilities in executing the works.

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    Silence is way more powerful than what we can comprehend it to be. We've all heard of the words that empty minds make the loudest sounds. When we are silent, we give our mind to interact with its layer, the unconscious and the conscious emerge together and it creates dialogue after dialogue of thoughts and opinion. In silence there is no distractions our mind cannot overcome. When we are in a silent enviornment our brain also works much faster because of no external stimuli to intervene in its impact. Whenever we want to articulate our thoughts, we can go to a peaceful and silent place and think about it and eventually a solution would appear. That is why many individuals prefer to work and do creative things late at night when it's peaceful and it feels like it's only you who's alive and thriving without any worry of being misjudged or consequences.

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    The author is absolutely right, silence helps us to create new thoughts. When we become a part of a discussion we speak or hear the person in front and meanwhile we do not get enough time to think so in this case we speak without thinking but when we adopt the policy of silence we find a time to think and use our thinking process in a right way. Many people are scared to be alone but this is the best time to think and elaborate our thoughts when we are in a peaceful or silent environment we spend time with our internal energy that helps us to produce new thoughts.

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