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    Never forget those tough days

    Many people who are well to do today have come up from poor or modest background and after doing a continuous struggle and efforts in their lives, today they have reached the present good position. Whatever they are today is all due to the hard work and sustained efforts they did during that adverse and bad time in their lives. We should never forget that time and keep that in the background of our mind. That will always make us remember that how the patience and hard work is required to come out of the bad situation in one's life. Do you also believe in keeping such a thing in your mind?
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    That is correct. One should not forget the difficulties they faced in their lives to come up in their lives. They should be there in the back of our minds. That will not allow the person to become proud. He knows how many troubles he has taken to overcome all the obstacles in reaching the present position. That makes him humble.
    The value of money will be known when you experience the difficulty without a single rupee in your pocket. Once you experience that you will be very careful in spending and never waste money. If we remember those days when we see a person who is facing difficulties automatically we will think of helping them. That will make us more kind towards other people.
    Some people come up easily without any difficulties in their lives as they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They will never understand the difficulties of others easily.

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    Yes, we need to remember the days when we faced hurdles. We can learn a lot from those days. Actually, that's how the experience develops. People learn a lot of things from their struggles which act as guides and this can help to overcome tough situations. Forgetting those days will wash away the struggles from the memory which nobody should think of and if possible one can note down the struggles and lessons learnt from those struggles. Not only it will help the person her/himself the notes can be used as a guide for others also facing similar situations. It is true in the case of solving complicated issues at our work/home too. Overcoming tough situations will help people to gain experience about various aspects of their lives which is always important.

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    Yes we should not forget our days full of struggles. We have learnt our lessons from such adverse situations. Fortune has not appeared alone without putting our efforts in the appropriate direction. I remember a tragic fact as told by one of my friends hailing from a poor family. He was fortunate enough to have cleared his written test for UPSC in 1983 and finally he got a call for the final interview. But unlucky, he was having mild fever on that date. It was really a crucial moment to decide the ultimate course. His friend living in vicinity encouraged him to go ahead requesting him to go ahead for the final interview. He being a taxi driver helped him to reach the centre. The end result was amazing with his selection. He recalls up this life turning situation and encourages youngsters to be more serious in their studies so that they are amply rewarded.

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    Those who are down to earth persons and earned the name and fame through their sheer hard work and luck coupled with hard decisions during the right time have now become more successful and cannot be beaten by others either through their experience are the expertise. What I observed through my life that those who are the rich right from the small age, never boast of their wealth or richness in front of others, as they try to be modest ever and live the happy life. And those who turns rich overnight through luck or some windfall gestures, they turn to be overboard and behave strangely as if the money has come to them only and no one has the right. Those people have to think about the past as to how the days were so hard and tough and how even for two square meals people used to suffer a lot.
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    The truth is said by the author, it is also said that we should always stick to our roots and never forget the difficult times that we spent with difficulties, and today after the same struggle we have reached success. But most people are that when they get the life of progress, then they create a glimpse of ego in their mind. When we remember those tough days of our life or our elder's life we know the value of the status that we got today. This is a fact that no one gets success without hard work and our hard work at its top level in our tough time. Our strength becomes more strengthen when the phase of life is tough. When we remember that time we are able to motivate ourselves because we know that we are enough sufficient to apply efforts and win every battle of life and for this, we may not need any outer support when our inner power is strong.

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    Indeed. Remembering where you come from is important, it keeps you grounded and admired. And whenever you feel locked up in your thoughts of not being enough or not achieving enough, you can remind yourself that you indeed work hard to get where you are. The idea of keeping your hard times into your mind is not just to remind you of your background and keep yourself humble but it is also to make sure that you are not too hard on yourself and you appreciate yourself every now and then. Every individual have had struggles to come forward from a bad and hard time and by remembering those time you also remember how you can overcome anything and come out stronger than before.

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