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    What will be the impact of using more electric bikes and cars on our economy and environment?

    Slowly day by day more and more varieties of electric bikes and electric cars are coming into the market. But the cost of these is almost double the cost of normal fuel-run vehicles. One of my relatives recently bought an electric Car that costed 16.5 lakhs. But for every Km. it costs only Rs.1. If we compare vehicle with petrol fuel it costs many many more times. The initial cost of these vehicles is very high but they are pollution free and don't harm environment. Will people afford this cost to buy these vehicles in India? If they become more popular in India, it put lot of stress on electricity production and the cost for unit may rise unbelievably. What do you think of these vehicles on our economy and environment?
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    It will take some time but electric vehicles are going to be there in the future everywhere. Right now the demand is not more as many people are stuck to conventional fuels like petrol and diesel. But these fuels will not last long as they are depleting fast and are not renewable. So the future is only the electric vehicles only. Once the demand rises which is expected by the end of this decade, the prices will come down and when the demand escalates further globally the prices would be well affordable. There will be battery stations everywhere just like today's petrol-filling stations and a person will be able to take a charged battery by depositing one discharged battery by paying a nominal amount. I hope that the future of electric vehicles is going to be very bright as there are no other options once the conventional fuel sources are not available at any cost.
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    The impact will be positive both on the economy as well as on the environment. Those who can afford them will purchase electric cars at present as they are quite costly now and when the prices come down the majority of the car/bike users will go for it. Just think of the mobile device we are using now and also the call cost. When those devices first arrived in our country the cost was huge and gradually with time everyone is using mobile devices now. The impact on the environment is quite encouraging as these electric vehicles will not create pollution.

    One thing that should be taken care of is the disposal of e-waste and batteries as these cars will be operated on batteries and from time to time a huge number of batteries have to be disposed of. The waste can also create pollution if not properly disposed and it is hoped that with the increase in popularity of electric cars ways of disposal will also become clear. Electricity production will not be the problem as renewable energy can always be used. Moreover, if stress is given to solar energy it will reduce the cost of energy too though initially, the setting up of such units is much higher.


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    Electric vehicles are going to become more popular in the coming days. They are good for the environment. They are good for maintenance. The cost of travel will also be less. Once various models come, the costs will also become affordable.

    Initially, Solar energy was very costly. But now it is cheaper than in the earlier days. Further production of electricity production through solar energy will increase and chances of scarcity may not be there.

    A very important point with electric vehicles is that they are environmentally friendly. It helps in two ways. There will not be any greenhouse gas emissions from these vehicles. Another point is diesel and petrol consumption will come down. That will help in the reduction of prices of these fuels. That will change the cost of living.

    A major problem that is to be solved is battery recharge. Battery charging shops should come more and there should be a replacement facility easily available.

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    In the upcoming time, electric vehicles are likely to stay affording the consumers both comforts and economy. As of now, the prices have such vehicles have not come down to the extent of its affordability to the common people. We are witnessing an erratic swing in the prices of petroleum products. It is impacting us heavily in terms of maintaining vehicles being operated by conservative fuels. Consumers would be pleased to have a version being operated by battery and for which stations are located at convenient destinations. In that situation, consumers will approach the battery charging station so as to have a set of fully charged battery with the replacement of the exhausted ones. These charging stations are to come up very shortly once the demand for such versions pick up. Such an arrangement being environmental friendly will push up the demand of such vehicles.

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    Surely the future is going to be bright for electric vehicles and bikes and we are already seeing whooping varieties and brands in the market and even get confused. I had the chance to see electric three-wheeler and two-wheeler. While private auto buyers are preferring electric three-wheelers elsewhere which is costing around four lakhs and has spacious seating arrangements with lesser work for driving and controlling the vehicle. The electric scooter with one stand-by battery is costing 1,20,000 which is too much to think about. But the cost of driving is very cheap and it works out to 3 to 5 rupees per kilometer and soon the diesel and the petrol autos would be out of roads and electric autos could be seen and that has no maintenance cost at all. But battery recharging would be the biggest problem in the future.
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    As the author has told that his relative has bought an electric car, slowly other people are also getting attracted towards it and there are more possibilities in the future. It is also that this will not happen suddenly and it will take a lot of time but it will prove to be a good option. As you know, it will have a positive effect on the environment, because the problem of pollution will be less. Not only this, but we also know that fuel is a natural source and its conservation is also necessary, if electric vehicles start using more, then automatically there will be savings.

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