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    Moral education must be included in the school curriculum

    Today, parents are emphasizing on taking degrees. They never care about the moral value of their children. As a result, young age children are addicted to cigarettes, wine and drugs. They having a great lack of respect, honesty, brotherhood etc in their personality. Often, Parents get satisfied when they see their children are good at their studies despite having bad habits. The aim of education is not only to providing a degree but develop good character also.

    Today, students are indulged in studies and games much more but somewhere moral teachings are missing and It should be compulsory as it helps in building a character of children. what is your opinion about it?
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    Only adding moral education/values in the curriculum will not serve the purpose. It is already mentioned in the thread that parents do not care much about moral values and I do agree, though I am not going to generalize it as many parents help to inculcate moral values in children. Education has to be inclusive in every aspect of life and then only it will serve the purpose. Students are busy earning degrees but a large section of them believe in rote learning based on suggestions for good marks only and do not care about the knowledge part. Just memorising what is written in the book and regurgitating during the examination will not help to instil moral values in children. Moral values should be learnt through examples. If children see their parents behaving improperly with others in the family or quarrelling among themselves by using abusive languages moral education will be of little help unless the child realises something out of a certain situation or fallout. If only parents care about moral values at par with the degree/certificate then only the situation can improve.


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    That is true. No value is given these days for morals and ethics. Only earning money is the important point. We see many of the parents busy with their jobs and earnings. They may not have time to take care of their children. The kids will be left to servant maids. So as mentioned by the author if moral education is included in the school curriculum some positive impact may come on the minds of the children. But studying it as a subject to get qualified in the examination may not make the children follow these ethics and moral values in their lives. They learn them for passing in the examination but may not follow in their lives.

    More thrust is required from parents in teaching them these morals in the form of stories and explains to them the advantages of following these aspects by everybody in their lives. Then children will understand the importance. As such, I feel the role of the parents is more vital.

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    During our period that is, 1966-72, there was a class for three days in a week for Moral Instruction. In that class topics on all religions were taught by the MI teacher. We taught by the teachers through stories based on our ethics etc., Basic cultures have been advised by the teacher to follow by us. Though they are seems to be simple and boredom for us, those teachings are being advised to practice now due to Covid effect. Moral instruction classes should definitely be included in the school curriculum as it is most inevitable for present students as the morality in them getting vanished day by day. The subject should be included and there should be examination also at the school level and to be conducted along with the quarterly, Half yearly and term examinations.

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    A good suggestion from the author and I too agree with this, that the schools should not be just a medium of education but moral values too. The role of the school is very important for a student at the same time the moral values learn not only from the schools but also from the house. A family environment also affected the children's behavior. Whether we talk about respect, love, or manners, we also gave these values to children from our own behavior. When we talk about career, we may get a job just by degree and knowledge but even when we see the promotions along with the hard work your moral vales also be an important factor.

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