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    Is accountability only for subordinates

    Accountability in all sections is expected by all superiors. But most of the superiors are not following the same towards the subordinates. A friend of mine was asked to work from home and he is sincerely doing all his works on time with much effort. As the time factor is absent in most of the work from home cases presently, he also works without worrying about the time. He is supposed to report to his immediate head and get directions from him at frequent intervals. For this, he is having a separate mobile number and a separate phone.

    But he felt bad the last day. He was asked for some details by his superior the day before evening. During the interactions, the power went off on the superior's side. So he told my friend that they could continue the next day. My friend sat before the laptop and phone from the morning the next day expecting a call from his superior. But he did not receive any call till evening. My friend was reluctant to ring up his superior because he was a known sullen person. By evening 5.30 or so, his superior called him and asked whether he was ready. My friend told him that he was waiting for his call since the morning. On hearing this, the superior got angry and told him that the details were yet to come.

    My friend felt very bad and sad. He had wasted the whole day waiting for a call from his superior. He could have used the time for many personal purposes had he been told in the morning that the details would be late and the work can be resumed only after the details are received.

    This made him, and me too, wonder whether accountability is applicable only to the subordinates, to his job and to his superiors. Doesn't the superiors have any accountability towards their subordinates? A point to ponder.

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    This happens many times in many places. The bosses will make some of their assistants' scapegoats for their shortcomings. If everything goes well the credit will be taken by the boss. In case of a failure, some of his assistants will be made responsible.
    A good boss will take the onus of failures on him. He says it is his failure. If the mission is successful, the credit will be shared with all his juniors.
    Once in ISRO, there was a mission failure. Our Ex-President KalamJi was in charge of the mission. He was very shaky at that moment. But his boss took responsibility for failure and encouraged KalamJi. After the mission failure, he addressed a press conference and took responsibility for the failure. With the encouragement given by his boss, Kalamji worked hard made the mission successful in his next attempt. Then his boss given complete credit to Kalamji and asked him to address the press conference. A good boss will be like that.

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    Here what the author has shared is the most happening things between the subordinate and the superiors and even more challenging situations are being faced in the private companies which cannot be written here or shared. The superiors feel that once they try to teach a lesson for the subordinates they would take cue and act smart next time. But here the subordinate was most sincere and waiting and the superior felt that he is dodging the job task and taking rest. This kind of mistaken identity takes place and even the subordinates are fired for no reason. Sometimes the mistake is done by someone else and since the superior has the grudge on us, he would take us to task with no reason for nothing told early. So the accountability is always shifted to the lower rank as we cannot question.
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    This is wrong behavior from the boss's side, just because he is a boss or superior it does not allow him to treat people like this way. Time management and punctuality both are the most important parameters of a successful organization. If any reason for the delay of any work or plan or meeting then whether it's boss or employee both should immediately info to each other so that they can utilize their time. But in many cases, we also found that bosses are showing humble and polite behavior, especially in multinational companies.

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    In many good departments or organisations especially the private ones the superiors will not behave like that. Generally most of them believe in good group dynamics and give a pleasant leadership to the subordinates so that they can give their best of the output. If a Boss or superior doesn't follow this doctrine than in long run his administration and management will become weak and slowly degrade also. It is true that if the boss is like that then the subordinate will go through unnecessary torture and humiliation time to time. But when we serve in an organisation we have to sometime accommodate and adjust with such adverse conditions also and keep a control on our temperament and patience.
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    No senior person should be so much irresponsible about his subordinates. One who doesn't realise his mistake is always an arrogant person. In this case, the author has mentioned that his friend was angry for wasting his day because of the irresponsible behaviour of his senior. No doubt everybody will say that his time is also as valuable as to his boss but frankly speaking it is also the mistake of this man. Why he himself didn't make a call to his boss if he was not responding. Merely calling him a sulky is not a right excuse. Nobody is solely responsible for such a communication gap. I think he should be more pragmatic now. A senior person or boss has more responsibilities than his subordinates and more responsibilities mean more pressure to get work done on time.
    This type of irresponsible behaviour from either side affects the performance of the company also.

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    During my active service life, I had worked with many superiors in various departments and in various capacities and I found that the superiors will be having a normal behavior towards their subordinates and though sometimes they will be strict and require discipline from us but most of the times they behave in a friendly way and get the work done in a cordial environment. Hardly one or two of them were having arrogant nature and were not behaving in a correct fashion. Due to that they themselves suffered because subordinates did not pay them that respect and that behaviour which otherwise they deserved. I also noticed that many subordinates didn't like to go to them and only went to them when they were forced to go there or they were called by the particular boss. The top management also observes all these things and ultimately what happens is these arrogant people are transferred to some other place to make this place congenial for working. Of course this applies more for government and PSUs rather than the private companies as in the private ones there are limited places for transferring a person.
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