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    Should the rich be taxed for wearing costly things ?

    When we grace any occasion or function, some people come with costly fashion statements by wearing costly jewels and attires and that would become the added attraction of that event. Though it is their prerogative and right to purchase whatever they want, that should not be a degrading attempt to even tease the hosts about the display of wealth in front of all. So if the rich people are levied with tax, they would come into terms with the normal people. By the way why the display of wealth should take place when it is not required at all? Any comment on this?
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    Author has made a very interesting observation but just taxing somebody because he is wearing a costly dress will be too much on the part of the government and tax authorities. The solution lies in taking the tax at the place where such luxury items are bought. Many people will be opposing this move telling that why government is increasing tax more and more. The answer is very simple that government is not increasing tax on ordinary items like milk, provisions, vegetable, etc and it would only be levying it on luxury items, I repeat, luxury items. Let the rich people buy whatever they want by paying more tax. If the rich people want to show off these items in society or gatherings then let them do so and we don't bother about it because they have paid high taxes for it.
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    Display of wealth in public specifies that money has been rolling uncontrollable.
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    A very interesting thread has been posted by the author and I hope different interesting responses will also post by others. Often we find this in the functions of big rich families, where people wear costumes or jewelry worth lacs of rupees and show off it too much. Although it is a personal matter and every person has the right to live his life in his own way, as far as clothes or jewelry is concerned, it is also up to his choice. But in reality, it seems like a waste of money, and for this, the bigger fault than the buyer is the company's. After all, what is the reason why a cloth should be made in some new form and then its value should be increased so much. As I said, people also do this in appearance that they wear expensive designer clothes to make themselves visible. Tax is already taken from the people in many forms and the richer he should pay more tax but the truth is something else.

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    Why they should pay additional tax. When they are purchasing costly clothes they are paying GST on that and it is proportional to the cost only. Many of these rich people might have paid income tax also. They are paying income tax from their earnings and then they are paying GST for the purchases that they have made. What more do they have to do? Already they are paying almost 50% of their earnings as taxes in different forms.

    If the government wants to tax on purchases, they can change the entire taxing system. Instead of charging income tax government can start changing tax on the money spent yearly by the individual. These days even lower-middle-class people also will go for some costly purchases once in a while and they will use these costly dresses once in a while during such functions. I don't see anything wrong with that.

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    I am unable to understand the issue of this thread properly and found the idea of taxing quite weird. Everyone is paying the taxes for the items they purchase and for luxurious items the tax is always more. Does the author question the preference of someone displaying something? If someone wants to display wealth let the person display it in the form they want and as long as it is not violating any law of the land there should not be any problem with it. If somebody has money and wants to wear expensive costumes it is their choice only and no one should question it. Preference varies from person to person and that's why we like some people more. If we do not like someone for their behaviour/character better to avoid them rather than asking for some penal measures.

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    I don't think if it is feasible or even justifiable to make any check and balance system in this regard because it is the right of a person to wear what he wants to wear, however, if tax is imposed on show off then what should be the criteria of this show off ? What the cost- limit of an item or dress is whenceforth it is declared costly? How much expensive item someone may use in public? How much costly jewellery one may wear in any party?
    There may be several similar questions. However, I appreciate the author for posting this thread based on a unique idea.

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    That would not be a nice way for collecting tax. Let the rich people wear costly costumes. The government can devise a simple formula of imposing some additional tax while the same is purchased from the different sources such as departmental stores or from any digital store. It will be one time taxation and that should be enough. Let us not think that the only purpose of the government is to collect tax with whatever means. We should not bother how the rich people are enjoying their lifestyle. They have their own lives and if they want to enjoy their lives with the luxury apparels with no default of taxes of their income, it won't be a problem any more.

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