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    By giving healing touch to the sufferer you had occupied great place

    Not everyone need our heart and soul or healing touch, but a sufferer who is so close to us and hugely expect some succoring touch from our side would certainly be remembering us for long time as we already got great place in his or her heart. We need not help them financially, but a moral support to a sinking person would go a long way to up his or her self confidence to much level. It is seen that most of the diseases are not recovering because we do not get the confidence of healing and if someone talks positive and gives the healing touch, we are much connected.
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    A word of confidence and a soft pat on the back will definitely help the individual in coming out of his problem. When we are sick we may visit a doctor and use medicines and we may get back to normalcy. But till we come to normalcy we have to bear the pain. During that period if somebody comes and says to us that we will be alright shortly, our confidence levels will increase and we will feel happy.
    Once I met with an accident and there was a fracture to my right leg. I was in the hospital for 21 days and in bed for 45 days. During that time I was very much depressed. But my wife and my younger brother were with me all the time and served me and always tried to see that I will come out of my depression. The service they rendered at that time was really helped me to get well fast and back on track. I will never forget the service they rendered at that time.

    always confident

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    A very good massage has been given by the author, when a person is sad or in trouble due to any reason, at that time no matter how strong he may be in the outer behavior form but in the inner form he needs support and at such a time when you If you give sympathy to someone, then a different positive image of you comes out and this image remains intact in that person's life forever. Even though you could not be of great help to anyone but some of your emotional and motivational words and sayings also work as medicine, and you feel the same with yourself. Emotional bits of help is more important than any other help especially these days when people have enough money and facilities but do not have emotional support from their own people., in this situation when a person needs a touch of affinity we should come forward for them.

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    A sick person always expect the close acquaintances to visit them and inquire about.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We have seen many a time that the influential people need support time to time when they are having some health issues. We should definitely come forward in such situations to support them so that they could recover their lost strength. They need some psychological support at such junctures. Such support would be required in many issues such sudden death of their close relatives or any catastrophic situations. Under such situations, it takes time to shed the negative thoughts unless they are provided with the encouraging support. This is also true for the sick persons needing support to heal up from their health ailments in a faster way.

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    Support can be extended or given to the sufferer in many ways. It could be financial, social, or behavioural. An affectionate support can do miracles and bring the sufferer back to his normal situation. It is said that soft and good words spoken to a person in grief can work like a magic wand and change his mood to quite an extent. Everyone does not possess such a healing touch or such a pleasant behaviour. It requires understanding and patience also. I salute to those human beings who can give their love and affection to the suffering humanity.
    Knowledge is power.

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