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    Corporate finance, wealth management and loan hedging

    For big companies the initial outlay of capital is very much required and also the finance for running the daily affairs and also taking care of risk elements of products, services and debtors. If the company performs well, then how to manage the wealth in most profitable manner for the founders, key employees and future growth. Loan hedging is some thing helping the corporate to take breather by arranging stop gap arrangement for the company to plan repayment in near future. All these three things are very important for any company. Your comment please.
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    For any business to grow and bring in profits good planning is required. What is to be spent and how much will be the sales and in how many years the initial investment will come back etc. will be studied well and then only they go forward. How much value addition we are doing and for that how much we are spending and what is the net value addition. These calculations are also very important before deciding on going ahead. Once you decided to go forward from day one a strict control on all aspects of project management is very important. Otherwise, the expenditure will become heavy and the project may not become viable.
    For an organisation, financial planning is very important. How much is your contribution and how much you are getting a loan? How you are going to manage your working capital? These issues are very important for a successful business.

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    Yes, corporate finance is a vital part of the finance function regarding the funding of any business organization through various modes with a justified capital structure that is best suitable for the volume of transactions and nature of business. On the other hand, wealth management is the various investment decision-making service as per the needs of the organization at present as well as for future purposes. In a large industry, this service is managed departmentally but in most cases, organizations hire a professional to execute such a specialized decision. The term loan hedging broadly comes under wealth management decisions where they cover the necessary techniques to reduce the potential loss of the future value of assets of the Investors. These are executed through derivatives transaction agreements to ensured a specific return or value. Hence all these are very important in the business fields.
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