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    Remarkable day today hundred year back

    On 21st September 1921, Mahatma Gandhi was on the way to Madurai from Trichy through boatmail, a train familiar in those days. When he was crossing Sholavandan, a place near Madurai saw many farmers working in fields by wearing half dhothi. On that whole night his mind was struggling with thoughts that people were with half dhothi but he was in full suit and coat. On the next day,that is on this day 22nd September 1921 he started to wear half dhothi in his hip, left all his dresses and continued with half dhothi till his death.
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    The author has posted a very interesting and motivating post about the action taken by Mahatma Gandhi seeing the plight of the farmers in some part of our country. Gandhiji was a person who told many things but showed them in action also. That was his greatness and that was the reason why so many people followed him and his principles. He was living in a minimum needs situation and a materialistic person cannot think or dream about his sacrifice and devotion for the cause of poor people. Gandhi ji was a person who realised that cleanliness is Godliness and he proposed and suggested many simple measures for keeping our surroundings clean and in hygienic conditions. He was a great motivator of his time and is unparalleled in the history of the world for his reputation and impression on the common masses.
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    I did not know about this special day, I thank the author for sharing with us about this special day. Gandhi Ji was not only a great personality of the country but is still there, and he is related to every area of the country, there are many such things which are probably limited to a particular place even today and new information is received from time to time.

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    Thanks to the author for making us aware of an important event that took place on the same date and month a hundred years back. We all know Gandhiji wearing a full dress and later changed to a very simple dress. We don't what is the reason behind and now with this post, we came to know the reason.
    Gandhiji dedicated his complete life for service to human beings. His service in making India an independent country is very remarkable. People like him are very rare and that is why this world remembering him even after hundred years.
    By his actions, he inspired many Indians. As per his call only many Indians those days stopped wearing foreign clothing and started using Khadi dresses only. We all are indebted to him for his sacrifices and for making India an independent country.

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    One more testimony was revealed by the author on the great Mahatma as to how he felt on seeing the plight of the farmers working in the field and wants to follow the same modest dressing sense of wearing half dhothi. Actually in Tamil Nadu wearing a thundu means half dhothi , during the works is the customary so that the ease of work is felt. In the villages the farmers cannot think of wearing regular veshti as it hinders the work. But we are talking here about the greatness of Mahatma Gandhi who felt that he is not supposed to wear the full suit and coat and that is uncalled far when the farmers who are toiling in the fields are so simple and modest. However the greatness of this man was his simplicity and even the English big wigs were stunned on this and they gave huge respect to him. I really liked the down to earth looks of the Mahatma.
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