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    Which lifestyle should you follow?

    I am sure you follow a specific style of dressing and prefer some designs or colours over others. It is very natural and quite appreciable though it may not be considered a style statement unless you stand out in the crowd. Many film personalities and dignitaries have their own style statement and because of that others follow their styles. You may prefer a style but it suits you only if you carry it properly. A style that does not go with your physique will never suit you and here you need to make a choice. The thing is you need to be very comfortable by wearing the particular attire and that should be reflected in your body language.

    Now let's think about our lifestyles. Different people follow different lifestyles and their habits depend on those lifestyles. Some habits are considered bad and unacceptable and some are considered good. I am not singling out any habit here but the thing is the habit or lifestyle you follow should benefit you in some way to move forward. If the lifestyle destroys you from the inside are you going to follow it because you like it or you will think of changing it for the sake of your benefit? How you are going to choose a lifestyle?
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    For that matter I have my own preference of colors and shades which I choose as my dress because I am into public relations and has to meet different people and therefore cannot wear T shirts, or checked ones for that matter. I always preferred the plain color full hands ready made shirts which are suitable to me and wear the same on the Blue jeans which gives the perfect look. Choosing the right color for wearing is the big task for many as they seek the advise of others, But for me I know which colors I want and fetch the same to be content with good looking. Moreover we are not going to make any fashion statement for others to emulate, our main aim is to look good and impressive and must gain the confidence of others in the first look itself. That is why I do not believe in others advise on this matter.
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    Everyone has got ones own life style. lifestyle is not only about the dress we wear but it covers a lot of elements of our daily life like time of getting up in the morning, doing exercises regularly, keeping a schedule of things, mixing with people in a friendly way, doing things in a steady pace, utilising ones time in productive activities, having confidence in life while doing things as well as while addressing the people about any matter and many other ways of life that a person is tuned to. So lifestyles is a mixture of so many things and that makes the personality and characteristic of a person. There are many ordinary people around whose lifestyle is so nice that we are lured to follow it. Celebrity lifestyles are generally a fashion statement and the young generation follows them blindly.

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    I think it depends on the person to person and their choice, place of living, culture, life circumstances and many more factors affected one's lifestyle. There should be a fixed schedule for any person to live a healthy lifestyle but few are able to maintain it. We have discussed the dress many times before, through which we have understood that we should choose the dress giving priority to our comfort. My daily routine is quite simple, waking up early in the morning, exercising after my walk, helping with household chores, and working as a freelancer. This is where I spend my day and the rest, I spend with family members.

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    The lifestyles will depend on the financial position of the family and how you are brought by your parents. In some rich families, some people will maintain a mini bar in their houses and that will not be a problem for them. But in some families even touching a liquor bottle is not tolerated.
    In some families, people will respect their elders and parents and in some families, all will behave as if all are equal. In some families, there will be a system of starting anything only after praying to God. The children who were grown up in a family who adopt a particular type of lifestyle will automatically get into that mode of life only.
    Whatever may be the lifestyle it should help us in maintaining good health and we should able to lead a happy life. I used to have a busy schedule and I never have the habit of spending some time with my family members. But now I have changed my lifestyle and I am not taking up too much works and trying to spend a lot of time with my family.

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