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    The feeling of winning the task which you never want to attempt?

    Sometimes we are forcefully given the job or task to which we had no iota of any idea nor we heard about the same and yet accepted the challenge gracefully and even finished the same with elan and that would bring the most contained satisfaction. Doing the daily routines and finishing the known tasks are the results of our continued trying and expertise to which we need not boast at all. Have you tried something new which you never envisaged to attempt and yet achieved the degree of success much to the satisfaction of self and others. Please append those for our knowledge also.
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    Many times there are situations in our lives that we encounter with new jobs, new tasks, and new challenges. In such situations there is always apprehension about the outcome of our performance and efforts in taking up of those new things. If we fail in them then we always take it in the way that this was the first time of doing that job so we were not much experienced about it and in future we would do it with more care and better efforts. On the other hand if we win in that then it is a matter of great happiness and pleasure as in our first attempt itself we had made it. Winning in new situations is a great source of motivation and encouragement for all of us in understanding our future capabilities for taking of newer and newer tasks.
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    Once the task is assigned to us by some authority and if the same being the maiden assignment, we may be a little bit suspicious of getting success. We are collecting informations from the resources to connect the same with the given assignments but still there is a sufficient room for the failure. We may think continuously over such issues till the final result is known to us. In case of success, our morals will be high enough for the next assignment apart from getting appreciation from the management for completion of jobs successfully.
    If not achieving the job successful, we should not be so much frustrated thinking that this was the first time and concentrate more on the next job with an eye to all the angles associated with the job so as to be successful ultimately.

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    Doing new things and learning unknown skills will give us higher satisfaction in our lives. A routine job will not be very enthusiastic. So many people try different things at different times.
    During my career, I used to spend a lot of time in Research and Development only. I was spending a little time in the production job and a majority of my time I used to spend in the R & D laboratory only. We were having a good team working in this department. So we used to discuss new aspects and designing of new products and finding a way of making them and testing them. The work we did there resulted in 4 patents and some research publications also. Always we feel enthusiastic when there is an issue that is to be solved so that we can be successful in our attempt. We can find ways to do things easily by replacing the existing methods with new methods. Many people will have the aptitude of finding a new way to their destination.

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    When the things are routine, we get into boredom and even seize from the situations.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I want to add that generally people shy away from a new challenge, new situation, new circumstances, etc feeling that if they do not get success in that then it will become a matter like talk of the town and they might feel humiliated by that. Actually, this is a wrong notion in our mind and we should never think like that. We should be ready to take any new challenge irrespective of its outcome. In case there is any problem then we should take help from our mentors, guides, and peer group. There is nothing which a person cannot do if he is really interested and has concentration and deep focus to achieve that.
    Knowledge is power.

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    An interesting thread has been posted by the author. In this, after actually, we find two kinds of people, some people are naturally eager to take up new tasks and do not shy away from preparing themselves mentally for every new task. Such people have a specialty that they never stop learning, always want to learn new things with new passion and hence such people come forward to take up any new task. At the same time, there are some people who keep themselves limited and take interest in the work related to the work which is already available. It's important to have enthusiasm for doing new things you've never done before and it's a good indicator that you're presenting yourself in a new way every time. Taking responsibility is a good way to take on new tasks while improving your strengths

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    When new job or task has been completed, the joy and satisfaction was unlimited.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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