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    Avoid deceiving yourself.

    Although we have been talking about deception in a negative way, whenever we think about this thing in relation to ourselves, then we try to give it a positive form. To deceive yourself means trying to pretend or understand yourself as who you are not really. This does not mean that you limit yourself by reducing your ability, but sometimes we know very well what we can and cannot do, yet you want to take every task in order to make yourself the most qualified, and by doing so we deceive ourselves as well as those in front, who is in the hope that we will complete their work in time.

    In this case both the aspects are important that do not deceive yourself even in relation to your abilities and secondly do not even try to show what you are not, if you really want to increase your abilities then work on them first. Make yourself worthy by doing that, after that accept that work.
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    One should fulfil his commitments. Once you accept to do a certain task you should do it. Simply accepting a task without much knowledge in the task and then not trying to complete the work is definitely nothing but deceiving yourself. Accepting a new task even though you don't have the required skill. But as you have taken up the task, it is your responsibility to attain the required skills or approach somebody who are having those skills and see that the work will be completed as accepted. Many times people will show enthusiasm to take up works but they may not have the commitment to complete the work.
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    If we are deceiving ourselves, then we are denying our rights, priorities and even the abilities. By the way tasks are always associated with the risk factors and riders to which we must be accustomed to have the sorting out abilities and that would be befitting burial to the tasks which seems to be difficult at the beginning and as we progress we try to get into the end part of it and decided as the winner. Never have the underestimated opinion of yourself that you cannot and may not go through the problem. For every problems should be known and sincere attempt be made to cross over the hurdles. If we decided before itself that the task is not our cup of cake then even the planning would go wrong and the upset things takes place. So clearing hurdles after hurdles is the best way to reach the winning point slowly but for sure.
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    Humans are well known for their deceptive practices and it is no surprise if they start deceiving themselves. But deceiving oneself has a darker side in the sense that it would create a situation of conflict where one has thought something but done in contradiction to that. Frankly speaking that is not a healthy situation. Show off and deceiving oneself are the same things because they result in similar disasters. We have to accept ourselves what we are and there should not be any differentiation in our inner strength and outwardly appearance. If there is a difference then we only will be the sufferer out of that situation.
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