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    Change yourself when you can't change the situation.

    As we know different situations are a part of our life and we have to face them and move forward, when we change the situations according to us then a phase of struggle passes. Mostly we have fewer problems in doing this and we normalize the situation. But in many cases, it has also been found when the situation becomes so complicated that we try to change it but we cannot change it. In such a situation, the best way is to change ourselves according to the situation which has now become a part of our life. Sometimes by changing ourselves we adapt to the situation more easily.
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    Changing the situation may not be in our hands as it was already aggravated and we have no choice but to change ourselves. When the Pandemic was broke out, it was clearly told not to venture out and we have been advised to stay safe following all precautions. And this was the grave situation entire world in general and India in particular faced. But some states criticized the moves of central government imposing curbs and lock downs and therefore run free without caring boots for the advise. So what happened to those states we know, that the second wave was so severe and they could not control but to impose lock down on their own. This is the clear case of what the author has been suggesting to change ourselves to the situation. So instead of cases going more complicated way, it is better to change ourselves to adapt to new way of life.
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    Hit out or get out. This is the phrase generally many people use. You hit the problems and solve them. If it is not possible to hit out, get out of that situation simply accepting the conditions.
    Problems will come and go. If you handle them efficiently they may leave us early without causing much damage. If we are not able to handle them properly they may cause higher damage but leave us if not early, after some time. This is all the game in our lives. Always we can't expect the situation to change to our convenience and it is not possible to change the situation by us always. That is why we have to change according to the situation. We can't be like a solid but we should be like a liquid that can take the shape of the container in which you are pouring it. A person who understands the situation can change according to the situation and come out successfully. That should be an attitude for all of us.

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    Before taking any action or any initiative from our side for taking a decision for changing the situation or get ourselves changed as per the new circumstances, it requires due diligence and prudence. It is not a matter of changing the situation or getting changed as per it but the matter is to get the job done and to move ahead in a progressive and satisfied manner. We cannot change the situation. We can only change the methodology and the ways of doing a particular thing. We need not to compromise with our convictions and faith and simply search methods through which the things can be done alternatively in the best possible manner. Sometimes even taking a neutral stand and getting away from a complicated thing itself is a way of tackling it but it cannot be taken multiple number of times as that will affect the performance and productivity.
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