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    In how many contests we should participate every month in ISC?

    There are two types of contests in ISC. One is the fixed ones like TOW every week, star of the month, wizard and super contributors every month, etc. Others are the announced ones like GD, story contest, essay contest, article contest, quiz contest, ebook writing, etc.

    In the first category, everyone participates by default. In the second category, some people select the contest of their choice and participate. In this matter, my feeling is that though we are contributing to ISC in our interest areas, if possible and if we can spare time, then we should try to participate in as many contests as possible. The reason for this logic is very straightforward, that by contesting in them we would be improving and sharpening our writing skills in various domains. It is not necessary that we will get awards every time as there are so many good contributors in the fray and depending on the relative quality of the contributions different people will be getting awards at different times.

    But by participating in more number contests, we will be immensely benefited as new learnings in that scenario will be adding to our knowledge. What is the response of members to this suggestion?
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    Though the author made a fervent appeal through this post that by participating in more number of contests we are immensely benefited with new knowledge and the side will also grow. When the members are ignorant of the topic and does not know further details on how to respond they would keep away. Moreover the contests should be on review basis. That means either the statement made by a member should be either supported or rejected and that way the participation would be more inclusive but what I found that some members keep on harping their own way of interpretation and with more responses as the participating member, the deciding factors goes in their favor and adjudged as winner. Probably for this reason I am not interested on group discussions as no moderation takes place in-between.
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    Two reasons are understood for this, firstly, lack of time can be a reason, and secondly lack of interest or experience. If I talk about myself, I do not participate much in the contest related to article writing, it is not that I do not want to do it, but I feel that I need to refine myself more for this. When the quality of my writing will be of such a level that I can give articles to ISC with good content, then I will definitely participate in it too. It is true that when we participate in the contest, we also give a chance to improve ourselves, but preparation is also necessary before the participants and I am in the process of this preparation, I hope that soon. I will also be a part of the article-related contest.

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    Whether to participate or not to participate is the choice of the individual. There are many members who participate in many of the contests irrespective of winning or not winning. Participation itself makes them happy. But some members are choosy. They see whether they can do it or not.
    As mentioned by the author everyone can participate in the contests if they have time. SImple participation itself is training for them. We will improve our knowledge. My feeling is that many of the members are busy with their other works and they may not be able to spare a lot of time here. When we have to participate in contests we have to give sufficient time. Otherwise, just participation for the sake of participation may not help much.
    I see good participation in contests and definitely, it can be further improved. There is no restriction for a member to participate in various contests.

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    ISC is a dynamic site. It has changed much from its initial days. The initial members were special to the site and the site was special to them. Those members got immense benefit by way of experience, cash credits, awards, adsense revenue and beyond that, the site became a launch pad for them for their blogs or websites or improving and enhancing their content writing career or hobby. There were many things regularly coming up new and newer then.

    Now the site has stabilised and has a specific identity and approach in matters. It has become a stable stereotype( or niche) site and goes in the predictable path. It is not much inspiring for new members, as it was in its early days. The new members ( especially the younger)have adequate technical knowledge and have choice and aims of their own. The money part is not so attractive to them as they have many other alternatives available which compensate better for the time spent. Even as a social media site, ISC cannot be compared with other popular social media sites, especially on the interactivity and reach and response.

    Then, from the remaining members -who do not much bother about award, reward and cash compensation- the factors that decide their participation are as Dr Srinivasa Rao said in the above response. Time, interest on the topic, knowledge , other priorities etc affect the participation. When new and relatively new members see that only a few names are repeated in every contest prizes list, they slowly withdraw.

    How to shape and present the site is the prerogative of the site owners and WMs. The business model of ISC is a unique one unlike other general business. It is professional in one sense but amateur and experimental in another sense.

    Whatever be that, as I said in the beginning ISC is a dynamic site and will be remaining dynamic with turnover of members and content.

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