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    Why are second and more responses absent in forum threads?

    In threads related to political matters or religion, we will see some very animated discussions, much like our active GD. In other threads, we will submit one response to express our view on the topic raised, and that's it. There will be no further response submitted to that thread. I wonder why we (including me) generally do this. Is it that the topic is something that cannot really be discussed any further?

    What we should be doing is not staying away from a thread after submitting just one response. Why don't we react to the views expressed by others and have some interesting conversations? I know we have constantly reprimanded members for merely repeating what others opine and not bringing anything fresh to the table, but this does not mean that we should restrict ourselves to a single response. Riveting parleys were at one time a regular feature in a majority of forum threads and not just political ones. Let's make a conscious effort to revive those engrossing exchanges of views.
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    While the author gave good suggestion to keep the forum live and going with second and more responses and even breaking into replies of other members. What I feel that only handful of members are regular and they are either posting a thread or response and does not want to invite confrontation with repeated responses and therefore they are avoiding. Moreover some forum posts are specific in nature and the members are shrewd enough to give one befitting reply and watch others how they respond. In fact the authors must moderate their own threads and keep the forum alive if it has the tendency to keep getting good responses.
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    As mentioned in the thread, the members have been reprimanded from time to time by the editors, it was natural as members sometimes repeat the same response in their emotions. But I do not think that because of this the members will restrict themselves in giving their opinion. But there are some threads with this subject where one expects frequent responses which take the form of a group discussion but there are also some threads which are giving only one message and when that message is positive then more even less reason remains for debate and hence the response may be limited to one. Nevertheless, I am in favor of the message given by the ME through this thread, because sometimes there are simple issues on which different opinions matter and we should take forward the discussion on such issues.

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    The activity in the forum section is coming down these days. The reasons are many and may be different from person to person. The other sections like AskExperts, Articles and Jobs etc may be more attractive and rewarding for the members.
    We see a few members-only regularly participating in this section. Some members will come to this section only when there are some reward programmes. All members should spend some time here and participate actively and make this section active. Then only we will have good and useful discussions.
    As mentioned by the author, if different members look at the post from different angles and come out with their ideas about the topic we may have a very useful discussion here. More people are having good knowledge in politics and they have their own affiliations and hence we see a lot of discussion on the threads related to politics.

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    I am seconding the reply of Dr Rao and it is the fact that this forum is not given the importance unlike other sections where the earning potential are more. ISC should bring in rule that every member should exhaust his quota of raising threads and posting responses and those who are regular must be given with some sort of impetus and that would sustain them to be regulars to forum. We find lakhs of members joined this site since inception but never ever kept their dates with the forum section because there is no award or reward or cash credits. Moreover those who are winning some award or the other through thread of the week are the same who won earlier on many occasions. So what kind of pep activities promised from the ISC to retain the glory of forum to bring members for second comment and more.
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    Forum section is the the most neglected section is the impression of the many members but in fact, we can deal with several issues in this platform right from education to politics in more thoughtful ways. It can be made more interesting with the active participation of the members. Earlier the responses in this forum was more than the present one but at present we could see very few the participation of the members. This might be due to less rewarding opportunity of the members in this forum but I think this forum is unique providing us opportunities to raise many topics in the interesting ways to benefit us with the existence of this forum.

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    Topics on religion and politics are debated and discussed more maybe because the emotions of people are attached to them. If you ask how politics is associated with emotion, I would say caste, creed and religion are an integral part of politics in our country and a large section of people choose the candidates emotionally without remaining properly informed. Politicians also play the emotional card during their campaigns and I think people like it. So, whenever something related to our emotions and directly associated with our lives is discussed members prefer to counter one another. On the other hand, there are members who post in various other sections also along with Forum so unless the thread is declared as a topic for GD they do not wish to participate. It may be a choice of the individual member but when other sections have the opportunities to earn it is quite natural that members will focus more on such sections unless they are passionate only to express their views. The contribution to any platform has two purposes to be precise. One is to express your views and the other is for monetary benefit. If the platform permits the expression of views alone then people can counter each other through responses but when it has other sections from where members can earn through contributing then their nature of contribution will be a mixed one. Moreover, it depends on the trend also to some extent. Maybe earlier members used to react to the responses of others in a thread and that was the trend but somehow because of some reasons, the trend has reversed.

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    The forum section is unique because the members come up with different types of threads, and every other member gets to read and comment on them. In my case, I fail to participate in the forum regularly because of other responsibilities. Yes, I do participate in contests that's because I want to test my knowledge and capability. The threads which are not part of any competition do not lack in their quality but lack competitiveness. So, I try to invest the time I have in contest-related topics as it challenges my competence. I feel, when people have numerous responsibilities, then one selects the tasks according to their interest.

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    This is a very interesting observation by the author of this post and the members have given equally interesting responses. In my view what most of the members in forum section are doing is that they are responding with whatever they know about that particular issue in that post and they write it there in one go and then forget about that post and go to the other posts or other sections for submitting their work. So instead of doing that if we do it in a point to point manner and then whenever the responses of other members are coming then we can respond to those issues also raised by other members in response to the original post and that would bring in some healthy discussion and prolong the life of that post also. This is possible if more members participate in forum section so that we will have a lot of Idea generation and points for discussion.
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    Another important thing is also that when we are getting only positive reactions on our threads i.e. when all other authors agree with the author who posted the thread, then the expectation of the second response in these threads also decreases why debate Or, there are no situations like giving your views again and again. This is what happens in most threads with general messages because if it is presented with a good social or family message, no other author opposes or disagrees with it, and it is completed with only a few writers' responses.

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    I enjoy writing on topics that connect with my intellect and emotion. I don't love to write articles for which I need to collect material from different sources. Such write-ups do not interest me because of a fixed pattern of writing. It lacks soul. The ongoing contest of article writing on top colleges based on NIRF ranking does not challenge me. Neither it tests my language nor knowledge. I know this site is student-friendly, so such articles are helpful for students, but I fail to connect with them. It all depends upon one's line of interest. I would love to participate in general topics with which I can connect deeply.

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    It is good that members are responding well to this thread. I know every member will have his/her own options, likes and dislikes. We can't ask everybody to participate in the sections where they have no interest. But contests will make the members more interested to participate. To attract more members to this section, ISC should think of conducting attractive contests which are related to posting new threads or responding to the threads.
    The ISC can think of having a system selecting the best thread for the day and the best response for the day. The reward may be as little as even Rs. 5/- also. They can replace this with the present TOW. Then members will start participating more actively I feel. The contest may act as an energy booster to members.

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    There is one another aspect to this issue. Some members will like to cover more number of threads to respond and if they strick with a few threads making repeated responses then they will lose time in that and may not be able to cover many other threads where their interests lie. So if you perceive this from the time management point of view some people might not be able to stick to a few threads by making repeated responses however appropriate and consistent their multiple respondes might be. In a group discussion thread it is natural that the discussion will go on covering more and more points and a person will focus and concentrate in that till it reaches its logical end. In normal threads the individual choices would vary.
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    I agree with the suggestion given by Dr Rao in #743641 of starting the best thread of the day or response type contests and so on. Well, I fail to agree with his suggestion of rewarding as little as Rs. 5 /- for the best contribution of the day. A writing site needs writers to function and vice versa. In that case, a nominal amount will be belittling the efforts of the authors. A respectable amount will always excite the writers to participate sincerely.

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    I was preparing a detailed response to this thread yesterday and lost it due to net/power failure as I did not save while preparing. So now I am listing out the relevant points.

    The reason for thread authors not coming yup with follow up response or other members not coming up with more responses to make it a discussion are because of following reasons:

    1. Forum section was mostly discouraged from initial times. It was just used as a space creator for ad-placement. There was open discouragement about forum, as it was taken as not contributing much to the revenue.
    2. Mohan even being one of the most active forumite, (who earned adsense revenue solely from forum) was given cold shoulder many times.
    3. After the site was declared to be full scale educational portal, most active forumites (being generalists) lost their space and gamut and had to restrict their forum contributions.
    4. Even from early days the forum threads were given a visible life of ten days. As many members cannot be regular visitors they cannot come with additional response to the same thread. The time gap was not suficient to elicit more responses from same members.
    5. The author does not get any additional benefit from additional response to his/her own thread. Instead he gets even nil points for subsequent responses.
    6. Best Answers are not given any benefit even though it was announced long ago that future even cash credits may be allotted to Best Responses.
    7. Even in Active GD, the benefit obtained is not commensurate with the time and study spent on that subject for coming with valid and worthy discussion points.
    8. Sometime in-between controversial threads were allowed and they got very many responses. But they were not healthy to be frank.
    9. Many members are compelled to come with staid, stereotype, statement-like threads, just for the sake of posting threads and so they do not deserve any discussion and the responses come akin to the like symbols in social media sites.
    10. Serious topics are not hit gainers. So it is understandable ,such threads are not much supported.

    To sum up,if forum is given its due importance and good discussion encouraged you will get desired results.

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    Thanks for the feedback that is coming in. Glad to see a few members posting more than one response, though a few have gone off-track. I disagree that the activity of the forum is coming down. On the contrary! I will discuss with you the input that has been given in more detail at a later point, as I am a little tied down with other responsibilities.
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    Dear all,

    I'd like to share my frank views. I completely agree that the forum is unique and very special and, as I have said often enough, it was what attracted me to join as a member over a decade ago. Contrary to the belief that it is spiralling down, there has been considerable improvement overall in terms of interesting topics and better forum etiquette.

    It seems that a majority of members are under the impression that the forum section is looked down upon by the admin. The truth is that while the admin. considers the forum to be the heart of ISC, at the same time is keen that members don't focus only on the forum, but contribute to other sections equally. Nor was the forum merely created for ad placement, but a platform for discussions and for improving writing and English skills. By the way, the topic of discussion in this thread is not the popularity of the forum or lack thereof, but our approach to responding with only a single response to a thread. It is also incorrect to believe that moving towards the new niche is discouraging general topics. Was there an announcement that even forum topics should be restricted to that niche? Please let us know if this was indeed so and we'll discuss it with the admin.

    I personally do not think that the 10-day life of a thread should be an impediment to continuing to respond. How many of us even bother to go beyond the first page of the forum? Do we check the threads on the second and third pages which are still not over 10 days old? Do we bother to check if there was some other aspect that we could discuss with a further response or if there was a response that we could react to and discuss? Similarly, the limit on the number of threads that can be posted should surely not be a hurdle to giving multiple responses to a thread. Putting up a thread and responding to existing threads are not related, is it?

    I do not support the idea of selecting the best thread and the best response on a daily basis. This perhaps will make the forum a less spontaneous platform. We will then be planning and thinking of topics instead of coming up with topics that sort of just pop up in our minds.

    Yes, we do not benefit from points when responding in our own threads. This was because of the strategic and obvious game of a few members, trying to get a lot of points just to get RSB. See, if we try to be unethical, it, unfortunately, becomes necessary to "police" the activity. In fact, even stereotypical threads could also be part of that strategy, namely, just come up with any topic to get five points, no matter that the topic is not really discussion-worthy. I agree that such threads will not generate second or third responses, perhaps not even an initial one.

    I will bring up the issue of best responses not getting cc with the forum editing team. That I feel we should definitely consider hereon. At the same time, we will not give cc merely because the thread author marked it so, but we will consider it from the point of view of relevance to the topic and quality. Although the forum is not meant to be monitored 24x7, I would like to inform members that since the last few months I have assigned the task to a few editors of making a round of the forum from time to time, ensuring cc is given to good threads and responses. I think some of you may have realized it when used the recalculate feature.

    And just for the record - that comment about a cold shoulder towards K Mohan was unwarranted. He has been genuinely applauded and deservedly rewarded.

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    Why because, the threads raised by members are not interesting for discussion. Most of the threads don't watrant any debate. Most threads are philosopical subjects that need no discussion. Moreover members don't get back to the threads. Few members respond only to score points with a single response. This is the fate of forum.
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    It is heartening that ME came with a detailed reply for various points raised by members in this tread.

    Why not think of some kind of incentivisation to attract more members into forum. It is only when more members participate in threads that we get more viewpoints which again encourage discussion. Many times some threads used to drift into chats between jus a few members and this was also pointed out as not welcome.

    SuN is one of a few members who liked to follow own thread. He had many times tried to 'resurrect' by openly asking why his thread was not responded or why it did not get enough response. He is one who always asks for new Active GD s too.

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    I reiterate what I and some others have stated off and on, that monetary benefits alone should not enthuse us to participate in the forum. Do we really want the forum to become a kind of commercial platform? I feel the forum has its own lovely charm that instinctively draws in people, including new members, because of its spontaneity and camaraderie. Let's keep it that way. What we could do is get in touch with those who have been active forum members, requesting them to resume their participation.

    At the same time, as I stated, there have been efforts on the part of forum editors to credit more points and cc to good responses, and that will continue. On a special occasion, let's say to close the year with a bang, we could have that contest we all loved - submitting threads daily and having a grand prize for the winner of the best threads.

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    I think the pertinent question here is as to why members restrict themselves to just one response to a thread. While it is a known fact that the forum is a platform for discussion, do we really put in the effort to initiate a discussion? I agree that there may be some threads dealing with such topics that do not call for a discussion and in such cases, posting one's views or opinion and stopping at that is fine. But what about threads that come up with topics that can be discussed? In such cases stepping back after giving a single response need to be avoided. One must get back to such threads and see whether any response that needs to be replied to has been posted and the needful must be done so that a proper discussion ensues.

    The author of a thread must not leave any of his/ her thread unattended. They must keep a track of the responses and intervene where required. I don't agree with Mohan that members avoid posting another response to avoid confrontation. Why should there be a confrontation when all of us have the freedom to express ourselves by restricting ourselves to the rules of the forum?

    It is wrong to say that the forum is a neglected section. Just look at the number of contests that are held in the section from time to time. Cash rewards and enhanced points are given to some good threads and responses also. It would be asking for too much if the members expect all of their threads or responses to be rewarded. It would do well if you try to find out why a particular thread or response has been given cc or enhanced points.

    As I said in this announcement thread we should analyze our own threads and should approach the threads by others with a critical mind. It is not about just appreciating or agreeing with an idea or opinion put forth by a member, either in the thread or a response. We should have the conviction to dissent and explain our views where it is needed. Becoming a good author or improving our writing skills is not an easy task. We should be able to spend some time understanding what others express. It is fine if one wants to remain where he or she is. But if you want to polish your skills, you must put in some effort.

    I have made a point clear earlier too that responses are as important or more than the thread itself. A good and meaningful response can give life to a thread that is not well-conceived or expressed. One need not be in a hurry to score points. One should take time to read, understand and critically appreciate the title, the thread and also responses if any. You need to realize that a wrong interpretation of a thread can divert the track and create confusion. So, posting a meaningful and sincere response is a responsibility that we need to take up.

    As I had mentioned in a response to this thread, I think the decreasing points to subsequent responses does appear to have an effect. The reasons for giving lesser points to subsequent responses had been discussed earlier and I am sure most of us are aware of the same. I think the primary interest of an author should be to put down his thoughts and views beautifully and in such a manner that the reader enjoys what he writes. Jotting down something just for scoring points should be avoided.

    Sorry for the lengthy response. Hope all of you will read through the whole text.

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