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    B R A N D - defined in a simplest way

    As a member of the house we are all affiliated to a brand loyalty and that made possible for maintaining with best quality and no compromise on it. The brand gets into more fame if many follow the same and like it.
    B- Behavior of customer to the product or service
    R- Recurring purchase ensures continued patronage
    A- Affiliating with the same brand no matter prices increased
    N- Not drifting away to competitor brand
    D- Dedicated customer support for ever
    All the above simplest things make a brand sustain its market presence no matter they keep on increasing the price in the guise of improving the quality.
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    Nicely explained by the author regarding the points a product branded should maintain to be always liked by the customers. A brand to remain as a trusted brand by its customers has to maintain certain qualities and some of them are explained by the author.
    A manufacturer has to see that the quality of the product is maintained without any deviations and then only they can keep their clients with them. If they lose a customer gaining him back is much difficult. So continued patronage is very important and no manufacturer should forget this point.
    These days customers are ready to pay for the quality. They are not worried about the money they have to spend but more concerned about the value they are getting for the money they are paying. That is why we see these days many organisations are ready to maintaining quality by spending extra money. A branded company will always keep its quality assurance department directly under the top executive of the company so that there will not be any manipulation.

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    A nice explanation is given by the author about the brand. When a consumer buys a product, he wants to get such a product at a reasonable price which will support him for a long time. When we buy a product, naturally we give priority to quality, but in some cases, we even compromise with a little less quality. But when we talk about branded products, then we expect the best quality even from the best, and brand identity is created, that promises for the quality and no customer will compromise ith quality in a branded products, and manufacturing companies know this thing very well.

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    Good description in the simplest way and all brands have to stick to it to retain their customer base. The competition is rising and whenever there is a new offer by a brand many grab the opportunity. Now, whether to stick to that brand or not depends largely on the quality of the product and that has to be the priority of any manufacturer. The price is an important factor when there are competitors but people always have high expectations from a popular brand. Along with the quality of the product, the quality of support provided to the customers is equally important which is associated with D - dedicated customer support. Companies are stressing more about customer preferences these days in different ways and that's also an important factor. This helps to make a brand popular which in turn make the customers stick to the brand.

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    Brands need to set aside formidable amount for advertisements to keep going.
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    The author has nicely described regarding the brand. The trend of the customers has now changed looking after the products not loosing its quality in their pre-matured period. They are ready to offer premium prices for the quality. The quality assurance is the main demand of the customers. The manufacturer has to see this angle to stay in the market. To remain stay in the business, both quality and quantity are important. Hence the manufacturer may concentrate on both. These days the same company is producing both the quality products and the cheaper versions to attract more customers. They have the wings like customers support section where the customers can raise their grievances for any manufacturing defect and they are suitably compensated for their purchase not confirming the quality.

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    Once the products or services of a company are established in the market and reach a good level of reputation and generate a good turnover then it is said that the company has established a brand in the market. It is not easy in today's competitive world to establish a brand in the market so easily. Companies have to work hard and to tremendous efforts in establishing a brand. Today, there are some brands in the market that are deeply engraved in the minds of people and those brand names have in fact replaced the item names in many cases. For example when we go to the market for buying detergent many people say that they are going to buy Surf. The name Surf is a brand name but it is established in the market so family and deeply that people have started calling detergent Surf.

    I remember when the Binaca toothpaste was asked to remove its name Binaca because of some copyright and brand name possession reasons then they changed the name Binaca to Cibaca and it took a lot of time to convince people and customers that Binaca is now changed to Cibaca.

    There are many brand names which are still in our memory and remain there for a long time like Lifebuoy, Dettol, Anacin, Bournvita, etc.

    It is a very basic fact that a company has to do so many things as advised by the author in this post for establishing a brand in the market.

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