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    Handling new born babies a great challenge

    Have you ever touched and felt the smoothness of new born babies as they are in the mother womb and they always need the warmth and what for they are crying , why they are making noise is something known only to mother. The time of birth also makes their behavioral pattern change. For example the day time or late evening born child will not sleep all through the night and keep waking up posing challenge to the mother not to sleep. They cry for every reason and that need to identified and set right and what the mother eats will tell upon the baby health.
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    Really it is a challenge. It is not everyone's cup of tea. I was very shaky in handling very small kids. But now I am very well conversant. When I became a father I am scared of touching my son. He is very small and very delicate. I was afraid I may not handle him properly. Only after he completed his 3rd month I started carrying him. But by the time my second son was born. I got some confidence and I started carrying him from his 2nd month. Slowly I was trained by my wife and by the time I became grandfather I became very confident. When my first granddaughter was born, the doctor brought the baby straight from the operation theatre and handed her over to me. I managed to hold her properly and show the baby to all the relatives around and gave back her to the doctor.
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    This is right, it is not easy to handle a newborn baby, and the mother is the only person who can handle her newborn baby as a most responsible person. A child can not understand what he/she wants but the same thing has been understood by her mother without even explaining. Others may feel frustrated at one point but a mother will never fed-up from her responsibility. It does not mean that others could not handle a newborn but it may be more difficult for them., especially in night time when most of the family members are in sleep and newborn babies want attention from them.

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    A crying baby would be irritation for others but for the mother she has no escape.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In earlier times taking care of babies was easier because the grandmother was there to guide us. Nowadays because of the nuclear families the absence of grandmother is a big issue in these matters. The old ladies in the family were so much experienced and were having a treasure of information with them about the baby care and handling of the crying babies. Those people who are living in a joint family must be having this advantage and facility for their babies but for those who are living in nuclear family will be missing this much.
    Experience is required to handle the babies. The baby will cry in many situations and to identify and diagnose the reason for that is the real challenge.

    Knowledge is power.

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