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    A sick person needs care along with medicine.

    These days common viral fever is spreading in everyone's family and this sudden change in weather, mosquitoes etc. are also helping these diseases to grow. In such a situation, we are seeing a long queue in the doctors' clinic where according to the people of different age groups and according to their symptoms, the doctors give them medicine, and accordingly we give that medicine to the patient and wait for his recovery. We believed that medicine is also showing its effect, but if you do not give extra care or love to your loved ones, then it may take more time for them to recover.
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    I agree with the author. When a person is sick one of the family members should be with him and see that he takes medicines as prescribed by the doctor and see that he will take food as required. Also, we have to see that the person will never have fear and will not become anxious. Then only the person will recover quickly from the ailment. If the patient gets the confidence that there is somebody who cares for him, his immunity levels will increase and he will recover fast.
    Similarly, the patient should have confidence in the doctor and should always think that the medicine given by the doctor will help him in coming out of the problem. Otherwise, we can't get cured quickly. That is why people say that we should go to a doctor whom we belive.

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    What the author said is right that we must reach out to the sick person with right medicines so that the survival becomes real and happening. But I came across a strange and astonishing behavior from a family that they failed to give the medical attention to their elder who was 93 years and suffering from chronic disease and bedridden. The family doctor told them that even giving medication may not turn out any miracle as the age was ripe enough to leave this world. This gave them the cushion and stopped medication and the elder person died soon. So what is inferred here that medication can be given the best provided there is scope and hope for survival and this is what seen as the more reason when treating elders. No family is anymore interested to keep the patients with chronic disease as nursing has become big problems.
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    I agree with the author. That is what in many hospitals there are nurses with mercy and Patience. Many sick persons don't able to take their medicines in time and timely reminding them is necessary and for that we any of us should take care. But at the same time the attendants should act with patience as many patients do not understand the situation and in many times they misunderstood our positive consolations by saying,'you should have this like trouble then only you will understand my situation'.

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    It is very true that medicine alone will not be able to the curing of the patient as care is also required to be taken along with that. There are a number of things which we have to observe and monitor about a patient. The first and foremost thing in this matter is the proper diet of the patient which is very crucial for early recovery and getting rid of the ailment at an earliest. Second thing is patient has to be kept in an almost isolated environment and should not be allowed to go out in the open as that can aggravate his health situation.
    So there are many things which are to be kept in mind and taken care by the family and other people for getting a patient to come out of his ailment.

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