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    Even a small hole can bring light into a dark room.

    When a room is closed from all sides and if you accidentally get trapped inside it, then the darkness and the panic of the closed room also reduces your ability to think. In such a situation, if there is strong light outside the room, then a small hole in the room will also bring a ray of hope to your mind along with that light.

    Well, this was an imaginary situation, which may not happen to everyone, but a similar situation arises when we are upset due to some reason and there is no hope around us, even then our mind does not work and we panic.

    To remove the darkness of our mind, we have our conscience in the form of a hole that gives us a glimpse of the light from outside and binds our hopes so that we can get through difficult times easier. Therefore, no matter how bad the situation is, one should never lose his/her conscience.
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    Well said by the author as when we live in darkness of our life, and see small light, our good thoughtful conscience would change the entire perception and suddenly there seems to the glimpse of good life coming back to us. For that matter dark and light are the two sides of the life, and we must understand that both come with alternative ways of their existence therefore we need not fear that darkness would persist for long and the light cannot be seen. One elder person told me that the beauty of light is known to the hut dwellers, who does not have the light and yet they life and progress in life adjusting to their available things. For them the street light is the biggest source of seeing things, whether to do some work, sell something, reading done by the poor and above all even sleep on the pavement is the order of the daily life and therefore they are habituated to live in dark.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has presented a valuable expression in highlighting the issue of the light in the midst of darkness which I enough to change our perception. We have committed numerous mistakes in the past and with the proper guidance of our teachers and the parents, we were able to see the right perspective. With the times, we gained experience and that experience was enough to to provide us inputs how best the job can be undertaken with the simple possible time. That vision we lacked earlier and this developed due to the guidance of our teachers and parents. In the real life, instead of being frustrated the experience accumulated is to be utilised. That will rekindle our path with the flush of lights.

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    I remember an experiment that was taught to us in our high school to prove that light travels in straight lines. When there are three walls having small whole at a particular level and of the three-hole are in a straight line you can see the light from the light arranged on the other side through the holes in the walls.
    This is applicable to us in our real life also. If we follow ethics and morals we can definitely guide by God and we will come out of difficulties. Here the God is the light and following ethics and morals will make us a way to come out of the troubles.
    When we are in trouble or when we have some tasks to do, we should act and think properly so that we will know how to come out of those troubles.

    always confident

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    When a person is in an adverse situation and having multiple problems in one's life then even a small help from any corner is a great relief and it can brighten the day to some extent. So we should not lose our hope and conscience because we do not know when suddenly good times will start returning. In fact we have to be prepared for the bad times also in our lives because the ups and downs cannot be foreseen by us. Being discouraged and demotivated by our situation and then stopping to do anything is a hopeless condition from which one should try to come out and use ones thinking power for taking some actions which can help in getting rid of that situation. Human beings are having tremendous power energy to mitigate the the present problems and come out as a winner. Only thing is they should be able to recognise those inner hidden strengths and energies that could do that miracle.
    Knowledge is power.

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