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    Importance of alternative fuel in future for transportation

    The price of petrol and diesel running without restraint, as the price of things for it is going up, is going beyond the reach of the common man. Last week I heard that the production cess is going to be removed from petrol and diesel and it will come under G.S.T. regime. This will reduce the price. But nothing happened. Many people have started using gas instead of petrol and diesel in their cars, which costs a lot to change the engine. There is no restraint in the price of gas also, I think the cost will be less even many problems in the gas engine. On the other hand, many people do not know how much convenience in e-vehicle. Can we have to continue under such a situation? What to do in this situation? Can you have any idea? Please share.
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    Given the present situation going for petrol or diesel driven car is the useless decision as the future is going to be hike in fuel price and even shortage due to hostile attitudes of some petrol producing countries towards others and being monopoly on the same we have to agree for their crude oil price and thus there is every need for us to look for alternatives. Going for the bio fuel, or using the e cars has become the order of the day. I am also appealing to the car manufacturers to go for solar power or the wind mill erected on the car to have the power to drive. Such alternatives can only make the automobile Industries to survive. Otherwise there must be strong resentment from the oil importing countries and they must boycott the same for some weeks so that the petrol exporting countries would comes to terms and less the price.
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    It is good for the environment if the petrol, diesel and gas usage is coming down. We all should think about how to produce more and more electricity using solar power so that we can use electric stoves for cooking instead of gas stoves, electric vehicles instead of petroleum products are driven vehicles,
    I know solar power may cost equally. But at least pollution will not be there as there will not be any greenhouse gas generation if we use electricity. Even all the industries also should think of producing their own electricity through solar plants and stop using oil fired or coal-fired boilers for their use.
    WInd mills are also another way to produce power. A lot of work is to be done in this regard and we should come out with windmills for power production.

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    The fossil fuel that is petrol or diesel is not going to be available for a long time because they are natural resources and are not renewable. In such a difficult situation it is necessary that mankind has to settle for some other fuel like electrical energy or nuclear energy or any other energy form which is available in plenty. The electrical vehicles driven by electrical batteries are now getting popular day by day in many parts of the world and right now the only constraint is the higher cost of these vehicles. But it is very clear that once the production of these vehicles increases vis-a-vis their demand in the market as people will be switching from conventional sources to this new source of energy than the vehicle prices will definitely come down making it affordable for the general people. In scientific circles talks about the hydrogen driven vehicles are also there but it would take time for them to come in a usable form.
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