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    Ladies are having very high patience levels

    These days in almost all the filed ladies are doing an excellent job and they are beating gents in every field. They are very good at multi-tasking and they know how to complete their works even in difficult times also without losing their cool. Even in the household work also they are having an excellence and we can learn many things from the way they manage their works. A male can't compete with her in this front any time.

    In the afternoon I was observing my wife. She was in the kitchen doing some work. My granddaughter was behind her. She was interrupting my wife many times in her work. But my wife never lost her cool and managed my granddaughter very nicely and complete her work. If I were in her place I might have shouted at my granddaughter or I might have stopped the work I was doing at that time. I think other members will be in agreement with me.
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    Ladies are different in many respects from the gents. Their working is quite different from the way of working of gents. Traditionally, ladies were doing household work and gents were going out to earn the bread for the family. Now the scenario is slowly changing as many ladies are doing jobs and earning money also. Many ladies are capable of managing their jobs as well as household and from that angle they are definitely far better than the gents. Kitchen work requires a lot of patience and ladies can handle it effectively and efficiently so we can infer that they must be having better patience level than the gents.
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    I think we have to change this generalisation in the present day life contest. Media is having increasing number of reports to think and infer opposite to what is stated in the title. The gender gap is filling up faster than expected.

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    There is always difference between men and women in terms of sustained patience and they exercise formidable courage and trait to control the situation and never get out of the challenging situations with excuses. What the author mentioned is right, the households have the knack of doing multi tasking and when it comes to managing the children they are the best and none can match them. And if the child happens to be the grand daughter, the grandma has the special place in the heart and they are ready to sacrifice even their sleep to keep the little one happy. The way they cuddle, play with the child and try to learn many things, the children get attracted to the the grandma more than the mother and this was clearly explained by the author. That is the reason being children gets into good behavior mode when they are with grand parents.
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    Another thing which is also important in this aspect is that there is a fundamental difference between the way a lady grows up in a family or society and that of the growing up of a male member. In most of the societies ladies are still told to learn the household work, be polite and meek in their behaviour, have patience of all the world, and they should lusten and obey to other members of the family as and when required. Males are free from all these encumbrances. So it is natural that the behaviour of the ladies will be a manifestation of all these expectation that are being expected from them from the family as well as society. In such a situation if they appear to be more patient and more humble than the gents then it is not a matter of surprise.
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    The girl child is brought up in such an environment that they have to be patients. The female child is brought up under the supervision of her mother and she learns many things from her mother to manage the jobs in a calm and cool manner. They are taught to be responsive to the different situations and gradually they become multitasking. She would not loose her patience while looking after her younger brother and at the same she is doing her homework. Her inbuilt patience is not lost despite the fact that that that she is a multitask master. Even in studies, they don't remain behind the male group. They are doing excellent jobs in the different fields because of the patience and the vision of accomplishing the tasks brilliantly.

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    As the author has mentioned in his thread about his granddaughter disturbing the wife at work, it is indeed a common occurrence in almost every household, and in most cases, women really manage both quite calmly. My friend has also found this, in some cases men also show patience but their level of patience is relatively low. While doing household work, it is not that women do not get disturbed, sometimes due to some such incidents, there may be a disturbance in salt or spices, etc. in vegetables. But since women have been habituated to these tasks for a long time and keep working without frustration, that's why there is no problem in their work. That was a thing that is related to their daily work but if talk about office work then I feel both men and women feel frustrated and avoid disturbance in their official work.

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