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    A creative person doesn't feel bored in his life

    Being busy in life and using our time creatively is a big achievement in our lives. All those people who have got a job and engagement and something creative, which can keep them busy all the time, are the luckiest people in the world. There are people who apparently don't have a job but with their creative and intelligent minds they find engagements for themselves and most of the time these engagements are very positive in nature. Some of them are even able to derive their livelihood from those engagements and activities. Those who can utilise their time in creative and constructive activities are the gifted ones and this is a sign of their good luck also. If a person has no spare time to feel bored or tired with his life then he is the winner and success would stick to him. What are your thoughts on this?
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    This is a beautiful message that has been given by the author. When a person has a creative mind or hobbies that help him/her to do anything creative at any time, surely he/she does not need company all the time and will never feel bore even alone. As the author also mentioned about employment, when a creative person who does not have a job can also do something with the help of his creative art. When we see children around us, we also find this nature in most of them, where they do not get any support, they get busy in themselves and try to be creative with whatever resources are available. After growing up, there is a slight change in it that we need not only available resources but also some necessary resources for creativity and we can create something new.

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    There are people who can create work for themselves. They never feel bored and they never complain that they have no work.
    From the last week in my house, my daughter in law started cooking in the mornings. So my wife is getting some free time. I thought she will get up late as she need get the food ready. But she is getting up as usual and doing some other works which are being done in the afternoon. In the afternoons she is doing some special works like stitching some clothes etc. She is busy as usual and there is no free time for here even now. She prefers that.
    I have seen some people go and sleep if they have some time.
    In the company where I was working, the MD was very creative. If there is no routine work he used to sit with the R & D team and used to discuss various ideas to develop new products. He used to be very innovative and he used to think out of the box and used come out with very good suggestions in developmental activities.

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    After reading this thread my thoughts went to a woman who was working as teacher and has to leave the job during last year and started doing paper craft works in the home and she used to make different craft formation with simple paper cutting and that looked amazing and many children has given her the project work to be done and she made every presentation awesome and thus started earning good amount by giving lesser time to each work and also happy with the house hold activities. What I mean to say here that when the person has the creative mind, the hands would not be idle as something or the other is being created and thus becomes famous for one reason or the other. For them 24 hours is very short as they have many ideas but need to accommodate the routines life chores also.
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    I concur generally with the view of the author in this thread.

    However, when one reaches a stage when health is no good even creativity fails you. Creativity also comes out only when one has satisfied his hunger, had a good sleep and his health is not bad.

    A few months ago I saw a videoclip of an interview with a popular comedian in Malayalam films. In that interview the actor was appearing almost dejected and desperate because of the Covid lockdown situation. He was a senior citizen and was feeling as if he was in jail, because he could not go out. Pitiably he died after a few months since the interview. Many of his movie scenes bring laughter to us even now. But his creativity could not avoid his boredom in the unique situation.

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    This is true during the time of lockdown many people feel bored but at the same time many invent their creativity and show their interest to their hobbies. By spending time with their hobbies they make themselves more creative. We should really understand the value of our creative abilities that we have but actually not utilising them in a right manner.

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    I completely agree that one should always try to keep themselves busy no matter what, we should try to find new activities and things which interests us and which we enjoy in this way we will not feel it as work or burden but enjoy it. We see many people who start to follow their passion after retirement and achieve many big fiats and such people become an inspiration for us. This is also the summary of the famous Japanese book called IKIGAI which tells the secret of long life and the main gist of this book is about keeping yourselves busy about which we feel passionate which is our IKIGAI and if we find it we will never feel that we are doing a job and if we enjoy it we will live long as well
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