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    Not every idea can be executed immediately.

    We humans have a lot of intelligence in the mind, it is true that everyone has different qualities, but one thing is certain that the human brain is the expert in generating ideas. Some people start ignoring these thoughts just by thinking of them and some start working seriously on making a good idea out of these thoughts. Ideas are also different, some of which can be executed as soon as they come to mind. But some ideas come to mind in a few moments but complete planning is required to implement them. Some people have a very hasty nature and want to execute ideas quickly but such haste can sometimes lead to loss or failure. So think about ideas then plan them properly, collect all required resources then only execute them.
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    True. Ideas will come. But making them happen is important. There are people who can give a number of ideas on any subject. But implementing them making them realise is the important point.
    All of us will have many ideas. But we may not be able to implement them. There may be different reasons for each of the issues. The practical problems will only be understood when we start implementing them. The loose ends in the idea will come to our notice when we start implementing them. That is why many people start writing their ideas and plan of action to implement them. When you put that in black and white you know what are the shortcomings in that idea. When we know the hitches in implementing those ideas, we can work out those areas and then make a final action plan. This is how one should work.
    Some ideas we get may not be useful to be implemented as there may be less value addition in your creation compared to the money and time you are spending.

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    Nicely said by the author as our minds always work on some good ideas, but our body refuse to accept as we fail to get into that idea and thus the ideas remain on the paper and not in action. What I prefer that when an idea clicks to the mind, at least a start or the initiation has to be done so that we have respected the very idea emanated in the mind. And if the idea seems to be good and appreciated by others, then giving the same with finishing touches should be our foremost task. As the new ideas emanate, some times we fall short of the items or the materials to which we need to postpone the things. Never-mind, note the intricacies of those good ideas, keep them as the record and the working pattern of it , so that at least in the future a good attempt can be made to revive the lost idea and that would be befitting response to our stored ideas.
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    Human mind is the treasure house of the ideas and they will be generated continuously in our minds. The main thing is to consider an idea for converting it to reality which means that we have to ponder and do a lot of homework as whether that idea deserves further pushing or is only for theoretical conception. Once that is finalised then only we have to do the detailed homework about it and see the pros and cons of it and then make a strategy to execute and implement it for the final results. Generating idea is alright but when we try to convert it in the real life situation then many things crop up which did not occur to our minds at the time of conceiving those ideas. So, these problems are to be seen vis-à-vis the perceived benefits of the complete scheme or project which was based on that original idea. Depending upon these reviews the progress of the project will vary and time schedules also might get affected. There is a long journey between the idea generation and final result and that is why it is necessary to study in details before converting an idea in practical shape.
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    I do agree but one has to make a move to implement the idea. Many have a lot of ideas but they never take enough initiative to implement those ideas. Pursuing the ideas is important and at the same time, one has to properly analyze its implementation. If it cannot be implemented easily then ways have to be found to pinpoint the obstacles. If the idea is already implemented by someone in a different form and in a different place then that form has to be studied before thinking of its implementation. Whenever an idea flashes in the mind the first step has to be to give it a good thought. Then note down the idea and give it a timeframe. Sticking to that timeframe to explore further on the idea is important. Just noting it down and never going through the pages later will be of little use. Many times we think that we will do it later on. This is applicable to many tasks including ideas. As long as we keep on pushing tasks for some other time they will pile up and possibly many of them will remain unfinished. Prioritising things and listening to our minds is necessary to implement our ideas.

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