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    Do you also miss FM in new phone?

    There was a time when FM fans used to carry transistors or small size FM players with them, then after some time it was updated, and the FM app was also available on mobile phones, due to this people got better entertainment. But currently, FM is deprecated in newer phones. I have found some companies doing this that FM is not being given in the new version of Mobiles. I don't know the exact reason for doing this, but maybe mobile companies are doing this due to the advent of many other music apps. Whatever be the reason but I miss the FM a lot on my new mobile and I miss the old technology.
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    I do agree with the author that listening to FM was great fun and enjoyment when we are free or during travel. But what I have noticed is that too many advertisements are irksome and the loud voice of ads a menace. For that reason, I stopped listening to FM. Moreover, some new phones are not carrying the FM apps as they feel the downloads of songs through the net would be hampered and thus not including FM in new phones. The FM stations must be available because even our PM Modi connects with the people on Mann ki Baat through FM radio and that must be free without using the customary head phones. That way the reach of FM would be more and to the nook and corner of the country. Some tips to FM operators.- do not play the new songs and give credence to the old songs also that make our life most comfortable.
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    FM is a very good entertainer. I used to hear FM radio daily for 2 hours in earlier days. I used to travel a minimum of 2 hours a day in my car. I used to hear songs from FM during this travel. I used to enjoy the songs during the travel. I used to carry a small transistor to my workplace and used to switch sometimes to hear a song or two.
    Now many music channels have come and we can switch any channel and you can hear any song which you want. The choice of selecting the choice is with us only. But in FM we have no choice. Whatever song is aired on FM the same only we have to hear. We have no choice. That may be one of the reasons for not giving FM in the new versions of famous brands of mobile phones. We can download as many music channels as we want and use them. In the city area, you can hear FM songs in the car. But on my present mobile phone, I have FM. But I stopped hearing songs these days.

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    FM transmission has distance limitation. So when you are travelling you may lose reception of the first station you chose when you started. It may be a new nearby station from there. But for those resident at a place FM stations gave clarity in reception.

    Now after the 4G have become more popular and widely used, users have infinite choices to have TV,radio , music, news etc. They can have anything of their selection and can have it without interruption even while travelling. So this has lessened the importance of FM radio .

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    Many people were habitual of listening to the FM in transistor or later in their mobiles but that practice is now almost ended as there are so many things available in the internet like songs, videos, programs, old songs in YouTube and many more things like that. So the utility of FM has lessened with the time.
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