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    What do you do when your mind refuses to go ahead?

    Authors and writers are generally busy with their writing works especially the authors who are churning out lengthy articles or reports etc. It is natural that after some hours of continuous working the mind gets tired and starts working slowly and then a time comes when it simply refuses to go ahead and asks for a break. The person might be feeling physically fit but if the mind is so much tired what to do. The only recourse is then to give a break in some form. May be one can go out for a stroll or one can simply lay down and listen to the songs or may be someone goes for some outing to a park or some place where one can get refreshed. Someone might like to go to friends and chit chat. For some it could be a coffee or tea break to freshen up the mood. There could be many options like that. What is your take on this? How you manage when the mind is tired and refuses to go ahead?
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    Yes it is the fact that our body and mind is not a machinery or equipment which needs to be worked continually and in that case the boredom sets in and mind refuses to act in accordance with the demand and we are slow or need to quit. Normally my time limit for any work is fixed and would not extend the same at any cost. That means I need to attend the task and matters well before the time ends, otherwise it is postponed to next session or next day. This way the works gets completed and I would not bother about other works if the task is in hand. Now also when I am with ISC for one hour or so, I would not allow other things to creep in and therefore I finish the task of completing the responses in time. This way if all the works are done, surely there cannot be boredom whatsoever and we need not even think of taking break or rests.
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    Sometimes our minds will refuse to work and may want some rest. Rest for the mind means a diversion from the work we are doing. Even though you stop writing and go out also your mind will never stop thinking. But the only thing is there will be a change of the topic about which the mind is thinking.
    Sometimes when we work continuously on a problem that is to be sorted out immediately, our mind will stop thinking and our anxiety will increase. In such times we should stop thinking on that subject and go for some light reading or hearing music etc. Then our mind will get the required relaxation.
    These days I found a new activity to give some rest to my mind. Whenever I think I should take a break, I go and start playing with my granddaughters. I will forget everything and completely involve in spending time with them. After some time my mind will get relaxed and I can restart working actively.

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