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    During the interview if you ask for risk ridden jobs, thats advantage

    Yesterday I met one of the very successful Marketing person of a company which manufactures machines for various Industries. When he joined seven years back as the fresher, during the interview he asked for risk ridden tasks and not the routine one. This has inspired the interviewer who is one of the company director. Without asking further questions they appointed him with his own salary demand and mind it he was fresher. Now seven years over, just aged 29 years and successfully finished 51 critical projects and traveled across the world and proved what he said in his interview. Now his place is unshakable and become permanent managerial cadre.
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    People who can do jobs that are very difficult and not routine will have more space to progress in any organisation than the people who do routine works. This is true in many organisations. Especially in private organisations, people who take up the responsibility and handle risky things will be encouraged more.
    People who can troubleshoot and trouble solve will prosper better than people who work normally. I have my own experience in this respect. In our organisation, we used to encourage people who show interest in showing their ability in solving the problems and make the processing is easy. Especially when we develop a new product we will be getting many problems. Some people used to solve those problems with their thought processes and hard work. Such people used to get rewarded more than normal guys. Such person used to go to higher levels very fast irrespective of their age and number of years of experience.

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    Every organisation has some easy jobs, some mediocre jobs, and some difficult and high risk jobs. The management is well aware about it and the employees are also equally well informed by those things. most of the people will avoid field jobs or difficult jobs or any jobs where risk factor is more even if the salary or remuneration might be more there. A newcomer in the organisation can take advantage of this thing by offering himself for the risky and difficult position. But there is a big catch in this situation because just by offering oneself for a difficult position is alright but one has to deliver also when one is given that post. If he is not able to deliver then he will be in great problem and he may lose his job. So one has to introspect and assess oneself before making such a commitment at the time of interview or after joining the organisation.
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    You cannot shoot from an empty quiver. One should have some extra qualities and abilities which can give the confidence to take up risky tasks. Otherwise, it will be just blabbering, The interviewers could see through such empty verbose. In the referred case the company officials would have been convinced about his possessing the needed requirements and as an extra, they saw his confidence and willingness to take up challenges. So they have him the chance and he proved himself. In an interview, it is that 'extra' which gives someone a better edge over the other candidates.

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