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    Replacement of entire cabinet of a government give a positive or negative benefit to the government

    In the last elections, the people of AP have chosen the YSRCP party headed by a young leader Mr. YS Jagan Reddy. Before the formation of the cabinet itself, he told that he is going to replace the entire cabinet after half the term. Now it is getting close to half of the tenure of government. As Mr. Jagan always sticks to his words, people are expecting the entire cabinet will be replaced with new faces. People and media analyzing that this replacement is for satisfying more members to the cabinet posts. Some are saying to curb the cabinet members to restrict their corruption practices to entire tenure. Members, do you think this reshuffling will anyway bring a good image to the government? What is your general opinion about this innovative action in politics?
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    There are many reasons for doing reshuffling in a group of ministers or cabinet or state legislation. The person at the helm of affairs will be deciding it based on the political situation and his party men. In case of AP this is slightly a tricky situation because the CM had earlier declared that he would be doing reshuffling after sometime. Why he gave such an assurance at that time is best known to him or his party men but the thing is that whatever assurance he gave at that time is to be fulfilled now in the present situation. So this is an internal matter of the ruling party. When there are more number of contenders for a few select positions then such things happen and there is no surprise in it.
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    I am against the concept of replacing the cabinet with reshuffles and bringing new faces because the government was already on the job and many good schemes aimed at the beneficiaries are going on smooth and if the new incumbent takes charge the entire thing would be set to his performance and rejig and therefore suffers the progress. For example the good performing CM of Punjab was removed by the Congress and his entire team also submitted resignations. Now having got a new face as he CM, Channi was unable to crack the ice on new formation of govt as he has to keep the satisfaction of both Sidhu and Captain sides and what is the use of such divide and rule policy done by the Congress high command just cannot be understood and AP also going to face such situation of hatred and jumping of party leaders to other parties.
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    When a person is performing well as a minister, where is the necessity of replacing the member with a new member? What is the logic? There is no point in that. I feel in the present case, this is only a political gimmick to see that more MLAs from his party are satisfied with their boss. The entire exercise is to make some MLAs happy by offering them a minister post for some time. If a person is not doing well as a minister he can be removed but why remove everybody. As a party president, Jagan can think of changing the Chief Minister also. He can give chance to another person to be the CM. But he will never do that. Some senior ministers will get disappointed if they were removed and they were not entrusted with any important post in the government. The government of AP is a complete failure this time and I understand that even their party people are also not happy with many of the decisions that are being taken by the CM.
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