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    What was your latest dream and when was it

    Since the day a prominent leader exhorted the youth to 'dream, dream big', dreams have got special respect and all the 'aspiring' youth have started to go sleeping because that is the essentiality to dream. This is because 'daydreaming' was despised and ridiculed.

    Though there is a saying 'every dog has its day', I never imagined there will be a 'World Dream Day'. Yes. September 25th is World Dream Day.

    Before you dash off to your cosy bed to see a dream, please read what World Dream Day has envisaged. "World Dream Day has been established for the purpose of encouraging individuals, communities, businesses, schools, and families to take some time to concentrate on their dreams and make an effort to turn them into a reality."

    But all said and done, I have a doubt whether our new generation really sees their dreams. Their work-life patterns are such that they do not get proper and sufficient sleep at all. Probably all their dreams now may be about good sleep. What an irony!!

    So when was your last dream and what was it about?
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    On the occasion of World Dreams day, my best wishes to all the people across the world to dream big and achieve the path of progress in the same way and be a winner. But for me I feel dreams are the reciprocation of our failure to achieve something in the life and if we keep on thinking of the same the dream would reflect the negative aspects often. If the person is hard worker and believes in his hands and the mind, nothing can stop him from achieving the great success either now or future. But dreams are absurd sometimes as the asking from us is too far to which we cannot even initiate and thus many dreams are unrealistic, non approachable and non revealed to many as the theme itself was the thud and cannot be given the credence in life. So believe in our good times which would certainly come for everyone and make use of it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks to the author for this interesting information and bring up this post with the tinge of hilariousness here and there in such a beautiful is definitely a good advice that people should dream and then convert their dreams into reality. This actually in simple language means that people should aspire for higher objectives and for progress in their lives and then do the appropriate and commensurate hard work and persistent efforts to reach their goals. How to motivate and inspire people and encourage them to pursue this objective in their journey of life is the main challenge for the mentors, guides, and leaders and in that context it is said that dream big and then convert them in reality.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Well said. Most probably the majority of youth may be dreaming as if they are sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a day. It is not possible for the youth these days to sleep for that much time. I am observing some people working in the IT sector. They are working a minimum of 12 hours daily and another 8 hours are going in taking care of their family matter. Hardly they are left with 4 or a maximum of 6 hours to sleep. That time also they may not be able to have a sound sleep because of the problem they are having in their mind.
    I am getting sometimes dreams. But I don't understand it many times. Even I don't know what the dream is all about. So I never know how to make my dream a reality.
    Thanks to the author for making all of us know about this world dream day and I wish all the members of this site a happy dream day. I hope the dreams they had on that day will be remembered by them and they will try to make them real in their lives.

    always confident

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    Happy to see that Umesh and Rao ha read the lines and also got the meaning between the lines. The subtle humour in the thread came spontaneously and not a conscious plant. I am afraid that many youth these days take the word dream in a different way and I find many of them simply drift away from a realistic and meaningful goal. I used to be amused at such people trying to justify many times contrasting their own previous stand. I am also feeling sorry that many youth lose their precious years in chasing some unrealistic goals arguing that they have big dreams. Many parents become helpless and just leave them to their ways without being able to do anything other than being mute witnesses. The percentage of achievers in such cases may be very less and many end up mediocrity too.
    Mohan also has put forth some similar thoughts.
    While we all need dreams which should be converted to our realistic and innovative goals and aims, there should be focused efforts and also periodical review to realise our dreams.

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