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    Try to be a person in public

    Though we are intelligent, educated, talented and even goes one step further to unlock the problems that comes in our way. But what is the use of such good qualities within us and not exposed to the society. Every good society needs people who can prove themselves as the person and that has become very important. If learned people keep away from the public, good things are ignored and bad elements try to hijack every moment of good happening. Therefore if you are of a great person then mingle with public and single out every problem for a cause. Any comment from the members ?
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    Every person has got some duty towards the society. When we are in a good financial position and also in a position at which we can help others by guiding them or in some other ways than what is the hitch in not doing that. If the intelligent and influential people do not help the fellow beings then the world will become a place where only evil persons will rise and the environment will become very disgusting. We all take so many things from the society and it becomes the duty of all of us to repay it in some form whatever humble it is so that the society at large is benefited by these collective efforts.
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    A very nice point from the author, What is the use of having different skills if you are not displaying them and making use of them for the benefit of society. As responsible citizens of the country, everyone will have some responsibility towards the nation. Of course, the skills you have will be useful to you for your personal progress and well being. But if you are using the same for the development of society also, then you will get recognition as a responsible citizen. When we use our skills and help others to overcome their problems our efforts will get recognised.
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    What we mean by society is a group of individuals only. Every good society needs good people, not one or two in number but a large number of good people. I think if every individual becomes good, though the definition of good and bad is relative, then no society can be bad. It is important to influence others in society who are taking the wrong path and it is the responsibility of each one of us to look into it. We all have a responsibility towards each other because this world is a place for all of us and not for a few individuals. You do not have to be a great person to help society. The sense of responsibility towards fellow citizens is sufficient to bring the necessary changes.

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