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    Do not expect too much too soon

    We all work hard for our livelihood, for our career, for our promotions, and for making success in our works. When we work more and more with vigour and energy then it is natural that many times we get good results also. But human minds are very greedy. Our expectations increase with time and we want to do so much within a small time frame. That is the time when we are hurriedly working and the result is that we often start seeing failures also. It is always better to move ahead at a slow and steady pace instead of unnecessarily hurrying in our efforts. That is why it is said that don't expect too much too soon. Any comments, please.
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    Too much hurry is never desirable. We should give sufficient time for any work to get the work completed. Some time hurry will make us worried.
    A person working in a lab was asked to give the result by 5 PM on the same day by his boss. The person is in a hurry. He has to heat the substance for a minimum time and then allow it cool to room temperature and then weigh the same. This is the procedure he has to follow. As the target time was approaching the person tried to handle the substance when it is hot only and that has resulted in an accident and the person lost two fingers of his right hand. This is a real happening in one of the organisations in Hyderabad. From this, we can understand how unnecessary haste makes us lose.
    Never postpone things unnecessarily but at the same never be in a hurry. Too much expecting very soon is not a good trait.

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    While doing any work, there is a procedure for following the different parameters and we should ensure that each parameters are followed taking its own time. We should not disturb unnecessarily the trends for its early completion. Doing any job hurriedly may not give us the desired result. If someone asks to perform a little bit earlier than the scheduled norm, the ultimate result may be disastrous. In some construction job, precision in the fitting is important and the components are tightened up rigidly to the main support such as the parts of the rails where joints are secured with the nuts and bolts. Hurriedly doing the same will result in derailment of the bogies taking away the lives of so many passengers. The performer has to be careful while executing his job. Though his boss may instruct him to be smart in the completion of job with curtailing the time but he should explain his boss regarding the disastrous consequences if the norms are not followed.

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    Good advise from the author that what ever expected to be done in hurry only ends up with confusion galore and not productive as we have to plan further to finish the task to the newer level which is waste of time. Not that we are greedy to grab the best for the sure, but we want everything before time and that is the great drawback in many of us. For example when we ride the two wheeler, if one maintains the 40 km speed on the city roads, surely the destination can be reached safely and timely. But many wants to speed up the vehicle only to be confronted with the traffic signals stopping their speedy spree and thus we can meet the same persons who overtaken us from behind and now waiting for the signal. So this is the clear example in our daily life as the things are poised to take positive at their respective timings and we should not hurry on the things which need to be given the breather.
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    Indeed. Anything done is haste is a waste. If one is sure about achieving and is determined to do whatever it requires to achieve it. Then they should go at a slow pace. Hurrying unnecessarily can lead to immediate failures or even failure in the long run. It is okay if one is excited for the outcome, to be successful and to be one that has achieved everything. However that cannot be attained if one is not patient. Patience is the virtue to any success, it is a detrimental factor in achieving anything. Therefore whenever we have planned into out path of achievement that we would want to pursue, we should walk that path slowly and not is haste. To absorb the most we can and avoid any possible failures on the way.
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    Yes, but do we remember this simple thing? Many times we expect too much without being fully aware of the issue. After joining an organization, the employee has to perform and wait for some time for promotion and a hike in salary. Without performance, there will be no promotion in a private organization and if one thinks that she/he will quickly reach a senior position then the expectation is too much. Likewise, in every task we do the results depend on how the task is done. The more we adhere to the process of the work, the more is the perfection and result is desirable. Without following the steps if someone tries to obtain the desired result then the person will be disheartened. Expectations are good but we all need to work according to our expectations. If we expect too much too soon it is not feasible because then we need to finish so many tasks within a short span which ultimately can give rise to more errors.

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    The author is absolutely right, we should not follow the procedure of hasty, but should keep patience and give some time while learning anything or doing anything. We all have an aim for every work that we do and we want to get that aim as soon as possible but the way we choose to achieve our goal, we have to walk on that way and it will take a fixed time. There is some work too which can not take a long time and you may got the immediate result but its is not for all. Suppose a person wants to start a business, he/she have to invest first and then wait for a long time to get profit back.

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